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Please forgive my grammar!

If you’ve been a reader of mine for any time, you’ve likely noticed that I occasionally have a few grammar or spelling issues.  Normally, they aren’t as blaring as being right in the subject header like my recent post,... Read More »

Don’t force it!

One of the biggest challenges I’ve personally had in my walk with The Lord is waiting upon Him and not forcing things to happen.  While this is difficult for most Christians, for those with  “Kingly” personalities like myself, its... Read More »

Go for the base hit versus swinging for the home run

A few weeks ago, I was reading “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield who tells the story of how she “boldly declared” herself lesbian and shares her journey into Christian faith.  While the book... Read More »

Are you winning at home like you’re winning at work?

Have I mentioned lately that I truly enjoy being a “coach”? Oh, like anyone, I have my challenging days as most clients aren’t calling me in when everything is roses.  A big part of what I do is conflict resolution... Read More »

The 4th “C” in Hiring

In prior blog post, I refer to the 3 “C”s in hiring – Character, Competence, and Chemistry.  In short, I’ve referenced the importance of giving priority to the new prospective team members having a Character and Chemistry that matches... Read More »

stages of high-performance

Several years ago, my friend Jim Zarvos, Zarvos Leadership and Coaching, shared with me a process he utilizes to aid leaders and their teams in aligning toward high performance.  Jim and I call this process a Team Alignment process... Read More »

“hidden cost with a lack of trust”

I have a confession!  In the process of our recent move, I gave up my office furniture and am in a temporary location.  Generally speaking, I’m a virtual guy or onsite at my clients; so, it’s not a big... Read More »

“one play can change the game!”

Chances are if you’ve been anywhere near social media this week, you’ve seen commentary of the Indianapolis Colt’s fake punt play that went horribly bad against the New England Patriots.  If not, here is a clip from ESPN First... Read More »

America’s Best Hope – November 13, 2015

Gabe Lyons on the Importance of Surrounding yourself with Leaders in the Marketplace In this clip, Gabe Lyons, Founder of Q Ideas and Co-founder of Catalyst shares what Christians in the marketplace can do to overcome isolation and loneliness.... Read More »

“2nd team normally always wins this competition”

One of the topics I touch on regularly is the area of gifts and talents.  I find frequently that teams are disjointed and have their players in the wrong positions on the team.  Additionally, I find many have never... Read More »
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