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The Journey – The Search for His Plan

This past week, I surpassed another milestone.  October 28th was the 7 year anniversary of “the job lose” and beginning of my 40 day journey.  This morning, I went back and read highlights of this journey and thought I’d... Read More »

“one play can change the game!”

Chances are if you’ve been anywhere near social media this week, you’ve seen commentary of the Indianapolis Colt’s fake punt play that went horribly bad against the New England Patriots.  If not, here is a clip from ESPN First... Read More »

Honestly, I think you should…”

Have you ever wrestled a bit with people who say things like, “Honestly, I think you should…”?  Or, “Honestly, I didn’t understand…”  What about times you’ve heard something similarly stated, “I promise I’ll get….”  Or, “I promise I didn’t….”... Read More »

Go Colts! Remember: One Play Can Change The Game!

Whether your a football fan or not, you likely saw the highlights of Josh Cribbs, Colt’s Punt Returner, fielding a punt which was initially ruled a fumble and over turned after review.  While no one knows, many speculate that... Read More »

Chris, have you written a book yet?

If I started collecting money every time someone asked if I’d written a book yet, I’d likely have a nice side stream income coming in. What is it with people seemly feeling like I need to write a book?... Read More »

Are you taking a chance on an emerging, young leader?

One of my favorite conversations to have with people as well as enjoy speaking is regarding “turning points” or “defining moments” in one’s life.  I generally challenge people to identify 3-5 key defining moments in their life.  For most... Read More »

Turning Points

I had an opportunity to speak at my high schools alumni banquet this past weekend with a classmate, Kristina.  The topic was on turning points and how South Putnam aided in shaping my life.  I thought I’d share as... Read More »
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