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When’s the last time you quantified your contribution?

While we are the first to point out that not all contributions to the “success” of a business can be quantified, businesses are in business to make a profit; thus, business owners and their employees should periodically quantify their... Read More »

Feasibility Study

Company C has a facility which has been idled for 10 years. They have a couple different ideas for what the facility could be used and it has some existing equipment which needed to be assessed for application and... Read More »

Turn Around

Company B owned a plant which has not been profitable since start-up several years earlier. Numerous managerial changes had been made over the years at the facility in order to find the right leadership. An in depth analysis of... Read More »

Cost Savings

Company A wants to reduce cost by $1.0M over the next 12 months. Outside of Labor Cost which the organization has a good control on, Material Cost #1(MC1) and Material Cost #2 (MC2) are the two largest controllable costs.... Read More »
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