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Business Advisor

I help business owners dramatically increase their profits while regaining control of their personal freedom.

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Truth At Work

Feeling Lonely? Isolated? Overwhelmed?  We can help!  Learn more about our roundtable!

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Coaching | Consulting

Coming alongside you as a “guide” to aid in navigating the journey creating breakthrough for you and your team!

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Couples Coaching

Discovering purpose, strengthening families, and pursuing God’s calling together.

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about Chris Arnold

Meet Chris

Transforming Businesses, Strengthening Faith, and Inspiring Families for Lasting Impact

I am a fractional CEO whose passionate about making a difference.

In addition to fractional opportunities, I serve clients in the areas of business advising, coaching, and consulting. In the case of business advising, I partner with business owners over the long term to create profitable businesses which afford them the opportunity to experience personal freedom to serve in various ways.

As a Truth At Work Chapter President, I am dedicated to helping Christian business leaders who feel isolated and overwhelmed. Our community of like-minded peers are here to help leaders like you live out your faith in the marketplace.

As couples coaches, my wife and I are dedicated to coming along couples and their families who desire to pursue Christ-centered marriages and leadership of their families. Through our one-on-one and group coaching programs, we love, encourage, and inspire families in the pursuit of God’s calling on their lives and intentional fulfillment of this calling.

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