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Feeling Lonely? Isolated? Overwhelmed?  We can help!  Learn more about our roundtable!

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Team Alignment

Creating high performance teams thru a unique process of team alignment!

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Coming alongside you as a “guide” to aid in navigating the journey!  Personalized individual and group coaching!

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Couples Coaching

Coming alongside couples to aid in creating healthy marriages and families.

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about Chris Arnold

Meet Chris Arnold

Purpose Driven Leader | Christ Follower | Husband | Father | C-Suite Executive | Coach and Consultant | Advisory Board Facilitator

I am a leadership coach and consultant and am passionate about aiding leaders and their teams in clearly defining what “success” looks like and building strategies to achieve this “success”.  Through peer-to-peer advisory boards and other engagements, I sit with leaders coaching through the lens of “significance” on a wide variety of life and organizational challenges.

Additionally, Lisa, my wife, and I have a true heart for healthy marriages and their families.  To that end, we offer couples coaching and premarital coaching. While we bring a bit of structure to the relationship, we really enjoy simply sitting on our back porch or in your favorite spot sharing life experiences.

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Recent Blog Posts

Leading in times where “things just don’t make sense”!

Today,  I’d like to share a biblical story and it’s application to our lives in leading in times where “things just don’t make sense”! Gideon was a man chosen by God to lead the Israelites in battle against their... Read More »

Situational Leadership: Understanding Ken Blanchard’s Model

Effective leadership is essential to the success of any organization. One approach to leadership is situational leadership, a model developed by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey. This approach involves adapting one’s leadership style based on the situation and the... Read More »

The Art of Getting Things Done

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a few questions around a process I use from the book, Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress Free Productivity by David Allen. Today, my intent is not to go into... Read More »


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