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“What does God really want me to do with my life?”

Are you interested in discovering your place in God’s story? Do you clearly understand your identity in Christ? Have you found yourself asking questions like: “Why am I here?” “What does God really want me to do with my... Read More »

“What’s God saying?”

“What’s God saying?”  It seems like such an innocent question…doesn’t it? Are you having marriage issues?  “What’s God saying?” Are you having issues with your personal finances and going into debt?  “What’s God saying?” Are you suffering from unimaginable... Read More »

Is it time to hire an assistant?

A common theme coming up recently seems to be around the area of hiring an assistant.  Whether an executive of a billion dollar organization or sole entrepreneur looking to take take the next step, the topic of having an assistant regularly... Read More »

“finding blessings in the closed door”.

As many of my readers know, over the past year or so, we’ve been intentionally pursuing leadership roles in the local church.  The reasons are many; however, most importantly, have centered around a sense that God is calling Lisa... Read More »

Are you setting off fireworks?

   This 4th of July weekend, I was reflecting on leaders who set fireworks off in their teams.  While I’m all for some great fireworks, I tend to see more “duds” when it comes to leaders and their teams.... Read More »

Go Colts! Remember: One Play Can Change The Game!

Whether your a football fan or not, you likely saw the highlights of Josh Cribbs, Colt’s Punt Returner, fielding a punt which was initially ruled a fumble and over turned after review.  While no one knows, many speculate that... Read More »

Vulnerability – Is it a good thing?

  Recently, in one of our Truth@Work meetings, we were discussing vulnerability. While most agree that vulnerability in relationships is a good thing, most also say that there are limits to when and where we should be vulnerable. My... Read More »

What is “Work”?

Over the past few months, a theme that has risen with me and finds it’s way into occasional discussions is the question of how do we define our “work”. Years ago, I thought the answer to this question was... Read More »

Financial “Insecurity”

While not for all, one of the greatest challenge most face in life centers around a need for financial security. God talks about money in the Bible more than any other topic for good reason. While there are varying... Read More »

Barriers to “moving on”!

Yesterday was my spiritual retreat day. As I woke in the morning, it was cloudy and cold; however, I found myself wanting to make a trip to my favorite spot at the park. While I’ve been visiting this park... Read More »
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