Does God speak through yellow birds!

Yellow BirdWell, I’ve been resisting this post for some time as I didn’t want my readers to think I’d lost my mind.  However, I think it’s about time to share the story.

As many of you have seen, my back porch becomes my office during the summer months.  I’ve grown to love our backyard with the pond, birds, and other animals which frequent.  While we live in a fairly large neighborhood, our little spot tends to be quiet and peaceful which makes for some great time of reading, reflection, and writing.

So, about a year ago, I was sitting on the porch praying to God.  I was at a point, our Pastor Aaron Brocket of TPCC might call, a “Spiritual Cul-de-sac”.  You know the one where God seems to be taking you down a dead end path.  You’re trying to figure out why you’re in a cul-de-sac and if you took a wrong turn at some point.

In my reading that morning, I was studying Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Praying this back to The Lord, I cried out to God saying, “God, could you please send me a sign that I am on the right path?”  Then I asked, “Is it too much to ask that you would send your little yellow bird to confirm that I am on the right path?”  I know, I’m about to lose some of you right now.  Hang in there for a bit.

Well, I sat in my chair looking for what seemed to be 15-20 minutes thinking God would send His little yellow bird.  I started to fixate on a tree over in the corner of the yard, still thinking I was going to see that yellow bird.  Then, to my amazement, deep within the branches and leaves of the tree, I caught glimpse of a yellow bird.  As soon as I saw the bird, it took off as if to say, “well done my son.”  There were multiple lessons I learned from that experience.  Mostly, I had a “peace that transcends all understanding” after seeing that bird.

So, you know how the story goes…right?  Upon reflection, you start to question “was that really God?”  Seems a bit out there that I’d asked Him to speak through a little yellow bird and it happened…right?  Well, let’s share a bit more of the story.

Since that time, yellow birds frequent our backyard regularly.  So, we don’t tend to base every life decision off of when we see the little yellow birds.  However, there have been numerous noteworthy appearances by our little yellow friends.  Let me share a couple of other occurrences.

First, Lisa hadn’t ever really experienced the little yellow birds firsthand.  She’d heard the stories and likely thought what some of you are thinking right now as you read this blog.  It’s not that she didn’t believe me, but you know, it does seem a bit out there.  So, only a few weeks ago, Lisa was sitting on the back porch praying.  She had a sense that God was asking her to look up and open her eyes.  She didn’t immediately obey, however, after continual prompting she finally raised her head and opened her eyes.  Then, in Lisa’s words which she immediately texted to me, “Saw your yellow bird while I was praying for you.  God said, ‘open your eyes’ and NO JOKE it flew into the birth tree!  Wow!”  As you can imagine, I was glad to hear I wasn’t the only one God was speaking to through the little yellow birds.

Later that afternoon when I arrived home, Lisa was telling me the story.  As I listened I just looked into her eyes and kept smiling.  She stopped and said, “why are you smiling” to which I replied, “you are doubting what you saw, aren’t you?”  While Lisa didn’t want to readily admit it, she was doubting that God really sent that little yellow bird.  So, I began to joyfully laugh and, without her knowing, started praying to God.  I pleaded with God saying, “Lord humor me, she doesn’t believe what she saw; please humor me by having two little yellow birds show up as we’re talking.”  It was only a matter of a few minutes and Lisa nearly jumped out of her chair.  She looked at me and I was just sitting there smiling to which she said “what”.  To which I said, “you just saw two little yellow birds, didn’t you.”  Obviously, she had a bit more belief after I shared that I had been praying He would send them again.

Not sold yet, well let me share another one with you.  The birds historically have always shown up in the back yard.  However, a few weeks ago, we had a bit of a different circumstance.  I was sitting in my upstairs office, which faces the front yard, doing one of my most favorite things, paying bills.  For those who know our story, you know that financial security has been something we’ve had to continually turn over to The Lord.  Looking at our financials, we were coming up on yet another cash flow shortfall in a matter of a few weeks.   I began praying to God somewhat from a place of another one of those “spiritual cul-de-sac”.  While I was much less worried and anxious than times of the past, I simply was seeking some confirmation that “it’s going to be OK”.  Well, sure enough, right outside my window in a tree, my little yellow bird shows up and I catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye.  In the Spirit, I once again felt a “peace which transcends all understanding”.

Over the past week, I’ve done a bit of research and found that we’re not the only ones who God has used birds to speak through.  As I mentioned earlier, we don’t ever want to take this experience for granted and base all our life decisions on whether or not the yellow birds show up.  However, what we do want is for others to see God’s Glory through our story.

Are you in a “spiritual cul-de-sac”?  Start by being thankful and open your spiritual ears and eyes.  He is speaking to us all the time if only we’ll be still and listen.

God bless!

5 responses to “Does God speak through yellow birds!”

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  2. Antonio Pierce says:

    Before reading this God spoke to me this morning through 2 yellow birds after I asked him if he’d ever spoke through birds at all. I felt him say it is because however fierce, a Bird’s song is never silenced by the storm it is merely quieted for a moment but the once it is over their song feel up the skies with their beautiful boast to the air and elements as though to say, “not today.” “Oh, you of little faith are you not of much more value then they?”

  3. Miriam says:

    After reading your story, I asked the Lord to give a sign that I’m on the right path. I don’t normally asked for signs, but because I’m travelling to a country I believe the Lord spoke to me about, I asked for a sign just like you did. But instead of asking for a yellow bird I ask for an emperor penguin. I’ll let you know when I see it.

    • chrisarnold says:

      Thanks for sharing! As these are mostly found in Antarctica, I hope you’re traveling there or expecting God’s confirmation through means that may not be a physical emperor penguin. Look forward to hearing the story!

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