Strategic Internet Marketing: Navigating the Six Essential Avenues

Last week, we continued on the topic of Lead Generation with the importance of Joint Ventures.  Today, I want to continue with Lead Generation covering the topic of Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing:

In the realm of business expansion through the Internet, a plethora of avenues await exploration. In this discourse, we shall delve into six primary methods and elucidate how one might optimize their endeavors. Content marketing stands as the first pillar, encompassing the creation and dissemination of content like videos, blogs, and social media posts. Rather than overtly promoting your business, the goal is to pique interest within your niche or industry, aiming for profitable customer actions. This approach, viable offline as well, proves exceptionally potent in the digital landscape, promising benefits such as enhanced expert status, authority, recognition, and credibility. It is more engaging than traditional ads, fosters consumer trust, increases website traffic, and is applicable at any stage of the Buyer’s Journey.


Moving forward, advertising online unfolds through various channels, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, banner advertising, mobile advertising, and affiliate marketing. The advantages include global reach, precise audience targeting, and potential cost savings.

Social Networking:

Social networking, with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram, amplifies brand recognition and loyalty through social interaction, leading to higher conversion rates and reduced marketing costs.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of securing a high rank in search engine results organically. While paid advertising guarantees visibility, SEO builds trust and credibility, and website clicks are free.

Online Press Releases:

Online press releases serve as a powerful tool for company announcements, offering increased exposure and credibility, with potential media interviews carrying substantial impact.

Video Marketing:

Video marketing, portraying a message through engaging and shareable videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, and others, provides a dynamic medium for storytelling and connection.

These six principal methods form the backbone of internet marketing, requiring competence in their application. However, expertise need not be across all facets, as outsourcing or having a competent staff member is a viable alternative. Now, applying these principles to generate revenue becomes paramount. For instance, ponder the possibility of increasing your annual internet leads by a mere 5%, translating to 50 additional leads a year or just one lead per week. This minimal effort could yield a substantial impact on profits, possibly ranging from 10% to 15%.

A practical step to initiate this growth involves compiling a list of the top ten frequently asked questions from prospects and clients, along with the top ten questions they should be asking. This not only answers their queries but also establishes credibility and builds rapport. Transforming these into short videos, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, creates valuable content that can be shared on a dedicated squeeze page. This page serves as a hub for subscriptions, capturing contact details for subsequent education and marketing through a drip campaign. By disseminating these videos across various platforms, indexed by search engines, organic rankings surge, leading to an increased influx of prospects to your website.

Furthermore, the transcripts of these videos can be repurposed into mini-blogs, and the audios can be utilized for podcasts, broadening your reach to different audiences. The integration of such strategies not only ensures a consistent increase in leads but also results in a significant boost in profits. The variety of options at our disposal showcases the potential for businesses to promptly augment both revenue and profits. The only hurdle now lies in the effective and timely implementation of these strategies. If you find this undertaking daunting, I am at your disposal to assist in navigating this path to success.

For a more expedited insight into this valuable information, I invite you to download the “12 Habits of Highly Profitable Businesses” and schedule a follow-up discussion at your convenience. Wishing you an extraordinary week aligned with what truly matters to your success!

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