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Clear Vision

No matter whether your running a business, raising a family, or pursuing your “dreams” in life, it all starts with a “clear vision”. Often, especially in difficult times, we are challenged with truly having “clear vision”. The Success Process... Read More »

Business Development or Transition Strategies

Do you have a great idea; however, need specific expertise and capital to advance to production and commercialization?  Or, do you have a profitable existing Indianapolis area business in the manufacturing or service industries, which you would like to... Read More »

A Network of Thousands

As an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) , Chris is tapped into a network of thousands of highly experienced business executives in the United States as well as internationally with skills which touch in... Read More »

The Success Process

Vision: What is “success”? What are your “three wishes”? Where is your “pain”? Are we willing to pay the prices for “success”? Goals/Metrics: How will we know we are successful? Do our goals and metrics truly support the vision?... Read More »
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