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Get out on the front lines!

In today’s world there’s a lot of criticism within the local church as to whether not we’re really truly making a difference. Some believe, and some statistics support, that “switchers” or people moving from church to church makes up... Read More »

“there’s the big city”

Over 20 years ago traveling the same section of interstate on I-65 as seen in this picture north of Indianapolis, a thought within me came.  I don’t remember it being more than a thought at the time.  The reason... Read More »

Would you like to make a difference for a child this summer!

If you live in Indianapolis, IN, there is a good chance you’re familiar with Shepard Community Center.  Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, they have several great initiatives ongoing to aid to “break the cycle of poverty”.  One... Read More »

“finding blessings in the closed door”.

As many of my readers know, over the past year or so, we’ve been intentionally pursuing leadership roles in the local church.  The reasons are many; however, most importantly, have centered around a sense that God is calling Lisa... Read More »

The 4th “C” in Hiring

In prior blog post, I refer to the 3 “C”s in hiring – Character, Competence, and Chemistry.  In short, I’ve referenced the importance of giving priority to the new prospective team members having a Character and Chemistry that matches... Read More »

America’s Best Hope – November 13, 2015

Gabe Lyons on the Importance of Surrounding yourself with Leaders in the Marketplace In this clip, Gabe Lyons, Founder of Q Ideas and Co-founder of Catalyst shares what Christians in the marketplace can do to overcome isolation and loneliness.... Read More »

“magnificent performance yet to come!”

   Last week, I began a new experience in life, Craigslist.  Oh, I’ve used it to list a couple bigger ticket items in the past (eg. boat, exercise equipment, etc); however, this time I listed several items as we’re... Read More »

Do you talk about “faith” in your environment?

I was having coffee with a new friend today.  We both commented that getting out and getting to hear people’s stories on a regular basis is so encouraging.  Candidly, while we both were there to share about our businesses... Read More »

“it’s worth the drive!”

I must say there are some conversations I must hold back a bit when it comes to discussing the location of my advisory board meetings.  Within Indianapolis, I personally have groups meeting on both the northeast and northwest side. ... Read More »

“we need to do a better job collaborating”

In November 2012, by a unique set of circumstances, I found myself sitting in a room with many of the nations top leaders of marketplace ministry organizations.  Clearly, I had no business being there; thus, my prayer throughout the... Read More »
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