“there’s the big city”


Over 20 years ago traveling the same section of interstate on I-65 as seen in this picture north of Indianapolis, a thought within me came.  I don’t remember it being more than a thought at the time.  The reason for my travels were that we’d just visited family in Zionsville and were headed back to our home in Kentucky.  I do remember in subsequent travels a hope that someday we might move back home and live in the Indy area.

Another found memory of our family is traveling back from Kentucky and our son’s eyes always lighting up saying, “there’s the big city”.  Yes, it’s become a tradition of our family to look at the Indy skyline and share with one another “there’s the big city”.  Don’t know what God ultimately has in store; however, we could see our family continuing to call Indy home for generations to come.

So, the picture in this post was taken today.  My reasoning for sharing is that it came at a time God and I were having one of those “moments”.  Moments that 20 years ago I didn’t necessarily associate with Him that now often bring me to tears with such a special touch from our Heavenly Father.  You see, I now travel this same section of interstate daily and nearly everyday I’m reminded of what seems to be a deep seated promise within me.  While I’ve never heard God’s audible voice, what I do now hear regularly within my spirit is something that goes along the lines of “I’m going to use you for significant influence for My Glory in ‘the big city'”.  I’m humbled daily to watch this story play out.

Let this post be a reminder that He does have a plan for all of us if we’re willing to lead a surrendered life to Him.  May I personally continue to seek Him daily and live a life completely surrender to Him.  Thank you Father for your reminder today!

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