“magnificent performance yet to come!”

Last week, I began a new experience in life, Craigslist.  Oh, I’ve used it to list a couple bigger ticket items in the past (eg. boat, exercise equipment, etc); however, this time I listed several items as we’re in the process of “selling it all”.  Yes, we’re downsizing to an apartment, selling most of our “stuff”, and continue to “wait upon The Lord” for an anticipated transition.

So, with still about a month prior to our moving, I listed several things fairly early as I wanted to insure they had adequate time to sell.  Additionally, as money wasn’t a primary modivator, I priced things to sell.  What happened next, was totally unexpected.  For the next two days (and beyond), I was flooded with text, emails, and phone calls which resulted in people being lined up at the door to claim their items.  It was incredible!  If you were to checkout my social media, you’d even see a picture of Lisa and I sitting in lawn-chairs in the family room with the caption, “So, furniture may have sold a bit too quick!  3 weeks in lawn-chairs.  #backprobs #movingsale”.  Yep, we still have a bit left to go and don’t presently plan to sell our bed; however, most of the rest will be gone by mid-September.

Another unexpected benefit has been the people that have come.  We’ve enjoyed briefly chatting with a few of them and hearing their stories.  In particular, I have to share the story of the nicest older women who came to buy the $25 Entry Table pictured above!

Yes, she came in with the most pleasant smile and before we knew it we were sharing life stories.  Through the conversation, we made the connection of her daughter’s family attending the church we attend.  This opened the door to a more in depth faith discussion.  If you follow my writings, you likely know that we’ve been in a season of “waiting” knowing God is calling us toward something.  This seemed to strike a cord with my new found friend and we shared joyfully the great anticipation of things to come.

As she was getting into her car, she felt led to share a story.  It’s a story of a vision she had from God at a very early age in life related to the pain and suffering in waiting.  As I anticipate she’s reading this, I hope she’ll forgive me as I’ll never be able to articulate it as well as she, however, here is my attempt.  She said:

“God gave me a vision at an early age referencing the pain and suffering of waiting.  He painted the picture of going to the symphony to listen to the orchestra performing.  (At this point, I appreciated her love for music which is likely relevent in her visioning.)  God said, ‘Have you ever noticed what happens just prior to the orchestra performing.  They warm up their instruments which makes the most awful sound.  It’s so bad that if you didn’t know what was coming, you’d likely simply just get up and leave prior to the concert even beginning.  But, you don’t do that, do you?  No, you suffer through the warm up in anticipation of the magnificent performance yet to come.  My promises to you are that a magnificent performance is yet to come in your life.  Like that orchestra, sometimes we have to persevere through the warm-up and not walk out prior to the magnificent things to come.'”

As she completed her story and began to get in the car, she looked at me and said something along the lines of:  “God has promised you a magnificent performance yet to come and you have a ticket and a seat.  Hold on to His promises in great anticipation.”

Yep, just a older women showing up at our doorstep to buy a $25 entry table.  Oh, she couldn’t stay away, nor would we won’t her to.  She was back just yesterday with her husband to pick-up a few more things and offering a few more words of encouragement.  And, she’ll likely be back in a few more weeks to find a few other things prior to it all being gone.  

May this be an encouragement to you in many ways.  First, never look past the opportunity for divine appointment crossing your path every day.  There is no doubt in our life this is an example of one.  And second, if you too are in a season of “waiting upon the Lord”, continue to recognize there is often pain and suffering in waiting and hold on to His promise as there is a “magnificent performance yet to come!”

6 responses to ““magnificent performance yet to come!””

  1. Jeannie Jones says:

    Chris, your family is such an inspiration to me . . . you told the story so beautifully . . . it is our story, it is your story, it can be the hope for anyone who can believe that if we do our part, (get positioned for God to “His wonders to perform!”) then we can enter into His rest. We will certainly be interested in following your adventure as God “directs” your life . . . His masterpiece! Proverbs 3:5

  2. Duke Snyder says:

    A nice read.

  3. Joyce Hanlon says:

    Thanks, Chris, I have totally enjoyed this story and the way you told it. What a blessing it is to learn of your dedication to The Word and your commitment to serve. That is a very difficult decision to make with the family you have and responsibilities involved. But I see you know where your strength comes from and WHO is in charge. I certainly admire you for that. May God bless you all as you proceed with whatever and wherever He leads you.

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