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Peer Groups

Get around the table with leaders who “get it”!

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Team Alignment

Assessing the current situation, opening up lines of communication, and aligning teams toward a common vision.

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Leadership Coaching

Aiding leaders in the discovery of “what matters” and aligning behaviors to create voluntary followers.

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Life Coaching

Coming alongside you as a “guide” to aid in navigating the journey toward “significance”.

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about Chris Arnold

Meet Chris Arnold

I am a leadership coach and consultant, and General Manager of Farm 360.  I am passionate about engaging, equipping, and inspiring leaders and their teams in clearly defining what “success” looks like and building strategies to achieve this “success”.  Through peer-to-peer advisory boards and other engagements, I sit monthly with multiple leaders coaching through the lens of “significance” on a wide variety of life and organizational challenges.

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“One play can (has) change the game!”

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Are you leading through your values?

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