Would you pray for my Dad?

Thanksgiving was yesterday and I’m thankful to have had my entire family around to celebrate it.  With my Dad now being 78 years old and Mom now being over 49 years old, we don’t take for granted the time God has gifted us with our parents.  That being said, there was a point I believe most of the family was a bit sad yesterday and I’d like to ask for your help.

You might notice in today’s picture, Dad is sporting some really cool sunglasses.  Well that’s because he has a condition called macular degeneration.  It’s been a condition he’s had for over 5 years and originally cleared up after treatment.  Unfortunately, it came back again this past year, he was a bit late on restarting treatments, and it’s much worse this time.  While the family knew he had difficulty seeing, I believe how bad it is sunk in a bit yesterday for most of the kids.  You see, it was Dad birthday a week ago and we normally celebrate birthdays at Thanksgiving.  As Dad opened his card, we all realized that he wasn’t going to be able to read it.  As a gift, one of my sisters gave him a couple magnifying glasses.  After opening this gift, the hope was that he’d be able to read the cards with the magnifying glass; however, it was still very difficult.

For those of you that have never heard of macular degeneration, there are a couple different types.  The condition my Dad has is “wet” which is where there is a build up of fluid in the eye causing damage which can result in blindness.  If caught early enough, like Dad’s first occurrence, it can be treated with shots in the eye.  However, in more serious cases, like Dad’s most recent occurrence, it can cause long term or even permanent damage.  An eye doctor recently explained to my Mom as the following:  “Have you ever seen a house that is flooded on the inside?  Even after the water has been drained, there is damage all around the interior.”  Well, it’s much the same with the inside of the eye.  Even though the fluid is now gone, Dad’s having to deal with residual damage.  Damage that may or may not ever be able to be restored.

When Dad found out this last time about his condition, his doctor told him he wasn’t sure he would be able to restore his vision.  Dad told his doctor, “it’s going to be alright Doc, I have faith in you and faith in God.”  The Doc said, “well, I’ll handle my part and you’d better take the rest up with God.”  Now, Dad may not be seen as the most spiritual man; however, he has reason to believe in God.  You see, likely around 6-7 years ago, Dad had a Ford 8-in tractor pull up and park itself on his chest.  He was airlifted to the hospital to find that he only had two cracked rips.  If you know what a Ford 8-in tractor looks like, you’d agree there was a miracle that happened that day.  Whether you believe or not, I assure you my Dad knows he’s on borrowed time for a reason.

So, I know many in my community of followers believe in miracles and healing through the blood of Jesus.  Some may be a bit more skeptical of truly believing God could chose to miraculously heal my Dad’s vision.  Regardless, would you pray for my Dad?  Would you pray believing that God will completely restore his vision and use this as a light for His purposes?  You all are a part of our families “C” church, and I’d love for us all to watch God show off a bit knowing we’ll give Him all the glory.

Dad, you’re an awesome father for which your being the best man of my wedding is a testimony.  May you continue to have faith that God will heal your sight and use your story for the greater glory of His Kingdom.  We all serve an awesome Dad who loves to answers the prayers of His children.  It’s our prayer that you’ll one day be able to read this blog firsthand again and give all the glory to our Heavenly Father!

Love ya Dad!

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  1. Jeannie Jones says:

    We’re on your prayer team. “All things are possible to them that believe!”

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