What’s the difference in these two pictures?

What’s the difference in these two pictures?

  Cloudy Day      Sunny Day


If you study these two pictures, you will find many things that are different. For example, the books, reading glasses, chair in the background, taller grass along the edge of the pond, and likely many other things.

For our followers, you likely know that this is a view off of our back porch which tends to be my summer office/reading area. The books in the picture represent my most recent reading.   This morning, in preparation for the front coming through our area on Labor Day weekend from the hurricane, I found myself focused on the difference between a “sunny” and “cloudy” day.

A bit more context, I received a Facebook message from an old colleague of mine this morning. This past year, the company I previously spent the majority of my corporate career (I left 4 years ago) was acquired by a major competitor. Unfortunately, as it typically goes in an acquisition, there are efforts to centralize and downsize the combined entity. This has resulted in many people making a decision not to relocate therefore severing their relationship with the new company. So, in some aspects, I guess you could say that it’s a “cloudy” day for a lot of these folks.

As a Christian, Coach, and Community Builder, I tend to run across people on a daily basis experiencing “cloudy” days. Some, like the colleague mentioned above, have lost their jobs. There are business owners struggling to survive, for others it’s their marriage which is “cloudy” or a recent divorce, yet others are having issues with their teenage children. And, the list goes on from there of how the word is full of “cloudy” days. What are the aspects of a “cloudy” day in which you can relate?

Now, with respect to a “sunny” day, most tend to find energy and excitement. Related to many of the situations above, life is “in the zone” and we’re typically hitting on all cylinders. In general, we are naturally attracted to “light” versus “darkness”. Even this morning I had to stop myself in thinking that it was going to be a “gloomy” holiday weekend.

Another question: Is it the “sun” or the “clouds” that remain the same? Yes, beyond the “clouds” the “sun” is the same today as it was yesterday and will continue to be tomorrow, God willing. What some people tend to lose track of, are that “cloudy” days are required for us to continue to be attracted to the sun. Without rain and water, there is no nurturing and growth. Without nurturing and growth, we tend to take the sun for granted, get too comfortable, and even become complacent.

One of the exercises, we do in Truth@Work is to have people develop their personal lifelines.


What we tend to see is that many people have “cloudy” periods in their lives. Having done this exercise multiple times with Truth@Work members and listening to people’s stories on daily basis through our LIFE business, I can confidentially assure you of one thing. While most tend to forget the “clouds” are temporary and the “sun” stays the same during the midst of a “cloudy” day, nearly everyone acknowledges that these are the days of their greatest personal nurturing and growth. Putting it another way, it’s always in the valleys of our life that we grow the most.

So, while today’s message is likely nothing new to you, we hope that it is a reminder to look past the “clouds” realizing beyond them the “sun” still shines bright. Thus, embrace the “cloudy” days truly as “opportunities” for you to nurture and grow. We might add that to maintain this prospective, it sometimes requires and external “source of light” which we’re in the business of providing for our clients and community.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend and be safe!



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