What’s a Team Alignment?

We often get the question, “what’s a team alignment?”  Differentiating from to typical team building exercises, here are a few words to describe what an alignment “is” and “is not”.

Is:                                                            Is Not:

Data based                                           Generic
Real issues/real-time                             Training
Beginning/continuation                           Quick fix
Participant dependent                            Facilitator dependent
License to engage                                 Spectator Sport
Opportunity                                           Guarantee

This transformational process accelerates breakthroughs for your businesses most difficult challenges, introduces a context for high-performance, and elevates teamwork and communication.  It consists of an upfront assessment, an off-site meeting, and follow-up coaching.

The Goals of Alignment are:

  • Assess Current Situation
  • Identify/Address Key Issues
  • Create Structure Process to Engage
  • Align toward High Performance Protocols

Do you have an interest in further discussing your biggest challenges and how a Team Alignment will facilitate breakthroughs to these challenges?   Please contact us to learn more.

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