Today’s Mamma Lisa’s Birthday!!!

Yes, friends, it’s Mamma Lisa’s birthday!  I won’t share her age today; however, I will share that this year marks our being together 2/3’s of each of our years on this earth.  Oh, how I could not imagine those years without this women now affectionately know as “mamma” to many.  Being a Thanksgiving Day baby symbolizes the thankfulness and gratitude many have for this women.

This past week has been yet another reminder of one of the key attributes I love about my wife.  Thanksgiving Eve, I was admitted into the hospital for the first time in 35 years which we’ll save the story for another day.  Despite my encouragement to go home and sleep in her own bed, she wouldn’t leave my side.  Despite encouragement to go to the family gatherings, she wouldn’t leave my side.  Despite opportunities to serve little children and their families, she wouldn’t leave my side.  Mamma Lisa hasn’t left my side in now over 30 years despite opportunities that others might have bailed.

One of my favorite pictures of Lisa and I is the one above of just our hands.  Beyond the miraculous story behind the picture ,this picture symbolizes the gift we share together.  First, our faces aren’t in the photo which is how Lisa prefers to be seen in her daily life.  She’s a humble servant that doesn’t desire to be on stage.  Then, there is the element of generosity for which reflects the pure heart of Mamma Lisa in all aspect of her live.  As a testament to this, “Mamma Lisa” wasn’t a name our family gave to her; it was one she acquired from others via her humble service to other kids.  Finally, it symbolizes the unity of our lives for which “two become one flesh” and she’s committed to never “leave my side”.  We genuinely do nearly everything “together” and wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, join me today in celebrating my girl’s birthday.  If she’s ever made a difference in your life, today would be a perfect day to share a word of encouragement with her.  May she be showered with our love today!

Lisa Marie Burton Arnold, I love you dearly and am so grateful to God for your presence in my life.  Time and time again, we talk about our desire to be the “Notebook couple” (absent the Alzheimers) for which I’m believing God to answer our prayers.  Thanks for never leaving my side and truly partnering with me to do life together.  You are a Proverbs 31 women “far more precious than jewels”!

Love ya baby doll,

Your other half

PS. forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, etc



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