Join me and to get away from all the distractions!


Today was spirtual retreat day!  So great to have wonderful weather and venture back to one of my favorite spots at Eagle Creek Park.  This was the first time this season I’ve been able to spend time at the park and I was pleasently surprised today.

As I walked down to my favorite little place, I discovered they had added a park bench for people to view God creation this season.  My spot was still available to set-up my favorite chair and as I did I noticed that they also had cleared some of the trees in the area which allows me a better view.  The picture in today’s blog is my view sitting in my chair.

Reflecting upon the bench, I began to think about how nice it might be to share with friends this summer.  First, perodically, I have someone walk to the area I’m sitting which is a dead end to a trial.  Wouldn’t it be neat to meet someone new and potential tell them some of the stories about how my Heavenly Father has met me in this place.  Another thought I had was what an awesome area to bring people for life coaching.  A time to get away and truly reflect on what’s most important in life.

With it a bit chilly this morning, I decided to venture out on a walk ealier in the day than typical.  As I was walking, I was having a joyful conversation with God about how nice it was to be back in one of my favorite places to spend time with Him.  I told Him I was there to listen and hear what He had for me today in His timing.

Midway throught the walk, I decided to check my phone.  Interestly, I had debated on whether to carry my phone or simply leave it behind.  I errored on the side of taking it to insure it wasn’t stolen; however, had the “do not disturb” set with intentions of not checking it.  That all being said, I did check it.

There was a voice mail from someone I’d been playing phone tag for a couple weeks.  My initial thought was to forget about it and go on with my day.  Unfortunately, one of my characteristics sometimes however is I can’t set things like this asside.  So, I decided rather than be distracted all day, I’d simply call and handle it.  I called the number, was placed on hold, and finally hung up.

After hanging up, it was if the Spirit had just convicted me.  I realized in that moment that I was there focusing on my realtionship with Jesus today and, candidly, was in a time of great communion.  Then, I let my phone interupt this time with God.  As I’ve had numerous experiences where God used this technology to speak to me in the right moment, I am not totally against the technology.  However, today, I realized it totally distracted our time together.

As I repented and prayed an applogy to God, I prayed “Chris, you cannot let distractions like this take your eyes off Jesus!”  Then, in that very instance, a yellow bird flew across my path.  For those who know my yellow bird stories, you know exactly what I’m referring.  If you don’t know them, I encourage you to click on the “hearing God’s voice” category in my blogs and you’ll likely find a few “yellow bird” stories.  In fact, they’ve started to come so frequently, I may have to add a “yellow bird stories” category.

So, yes, God spoke very clearly a word of encouragement to not allow the many distractions in life to take my eyes off Jesus in the process.  Now that in itself would have been enough for today, but it wasn’t.  I’ll have to share the rest on another day.

So, what do you think?  Is it time you “join me and get away from all the distractions?” 

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