“It is well with my soul”

In my recent blog post, Did God send me an angel?, written on Good Friday 2015, I mentioned the story of how the song “It is well with my soul” had been a part of my journey the past few weeks.  Specifically, my sense that God’s message to me was to remain patience and “trust in Him”.

Today, as I do normally every Monday, I gathered with men from around the nation to pray via a conference call.  One of my brothers mentioned during the call that he’d had the opportunity to have a very personal encounter with God last Friday, Good Friday.  He didn’t have time to share the details during the prayer call; however, I always love to hear how people are “hearing God’s voice” in their daily lives.  So, I followed up with a call to learn more after our prayer call.

While the details are not mine to share, my friend shared how he cried out to the Lord Friday morning for a clear sign that He was with him and walking in obedience to His will.  My friend shared that after this prayer he went about his day.  Then, later that day, he received an email of encouragement.  As part of the email, he was reminded of a song.  Researching the story behind the song, he discovered that the story he was reflecting actually was associated with another song.  Later that day, God affirmed to him that the later song was what He wanted my friend to hear and truly sink in.  The name of the song: “It is well with my soul”

Inspired by the story of my friend, I was able to then encourage him with my personal story around the song, “It is well with my soul” which God independently brought me to blog about last Friday.  Upon sharing, it was clear that God was using our experience of community with one another to encourage us with the message of this song.  In essence, “trust God in times where it doesn’t seem to make sense” knowing “it is well with my soul”.

Today, let this story be an encouragement to listen to this song.  Not only listen, reflect upon how Horatio Spafford wrote the words to the hymn after the tragic death of his four daughters while crossing the area of their death upon the ocean.  This story is displayed via the video as the music plays.

Additionally, I want to encourage you to seek God’s voice in your own personal life as did my friend.  We serve a God that desires to have a close personal relationship with us for which my friend and I both have readily seen as recently as today.  Ask Him to show you the same today!



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  1. chrisarnold says:

    Received an email from another brother on the prayer call that day:

    “Just read your post from today. I think you should go read the 1st 2 pages of my book, Calming the Storm Within…pretty amazing in relation to what you wrote.”

    Go to http://calmingthestormwithin.com and download the first chapter to see how this story keeps getting bigger.

    Also, buy the book; it’s fantastic!

    God is good!

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