How’s your “EGO”?

In their book, Lead Like Jesus, Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges provide “lessons for everyone from the greatest leadership role model of all time”.  One of these lessons centers around “EGO”.

Yes, we all have one and we all likely could use “The Twelve Steps of EGO Anonymous” discussed in this book.

Whether in a biblical setting or aiding businesses and individuals in a secular setting, our High Performance Coaching process is fundamentally rooted in the characteristic of servant leadership.  In order to be a servant leader, one of the first steps we need help in is the acknowledgement that we have an EGO problem.

So you say, what’s an EGO problem?  My experience is that it primarily involves my pride, wants, needs, and drive for “success” negatively impacting those whom I have been given the opportunity to influence. I will also note that as much as I value being a servant leader, my EGO gets in the way routinely which is why I surround myself with other servant leaders and coaches who provide insight and accountability.

Is it time for you to enroll in a twelve step process?  We’d love to discuss further.

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