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Some of you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit quite the past few weeks when it comes to blog post.  No worries, I’ve been in the mist of a special project that is requiring a bit of my time and focus.  May have more to share on this in the weeks to come.  That all being said, I did want to share something today that relates to the work I’m doing regarding “getting the word out”.

In a time where we have more means for communication that ever, one often reflects upon what the best means are for communicating.  In particular, what are some of the best means for promoting a product, service, event, or even The Gospel.  Many, including myself, have jumped on the social media bandwagon and use tools like newsletters, blogs, auto responders, telemarketing, and the list goes on.  There are an abundance of studies which debate which tools are the best.  Most seem to conclude you need to be on all of them.

Tuesday, I was in the dentist office talking “briefly” with my hygienist.  I’m sure you can relate to “brief” conversations at the dentist.  Does anyone else every find it challenging at times wanting to carry on a conversation, yet having a mouth full of instruments?

Well, in our “brief” conversation, we were talking about mission trips we both had recently taken.  In her case, she had gone to Peru and provided dental clinics in several different villages.  Reflecting on the trip she said something along the lines of “You know one thing that really amazed me?  Those people didn’t have a phone, internet, or anything; yet, everyone seemed to know when we were going be in their village.  It’s amazing how they communicate with one another without all the technology.”

Hum, now there is something to ponder a bit; let’s think about this.  What is it that would motivate people to share the presence of a dental clinic coming to their village?  Well, we can all speculate a bit as to the reason “why”; however, at the end of the day, the dental teams were bringing an experience of such high value that they had raving fans sharing the news without even being prompted.   As soon as they entered the village, word transferred word of mouth in a matter of likely minutes.  People came running and lined up at the door of the tent ready to have their teeth examined.  Wow, don’t you wish you could have a similar experience?

So, while communication strategies are important, let today be a reminder of the most important factor in our strategy to “get the word out” is. You must be providing an experience that creates raving fans who will go out and share.  While we don’t want to look past all the tools for communication at our finger tips today, the best means for “getting the word out” is creating an experience where raving fans carry the message throughout “the village”.

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