If you desire my blog to show up in your Inbox, please read!

For historic readers, you’ve likely noticed that my frequency of blogging has dramatically decreased over the past few months.  This is primarily due my staying pretty busy with responsibilities as General Manager, Farm 360 while still maintaining a few coaching and consulting clients along the way.  All is well and I’m enjoying the journey!

This being offered, my frequency of blogging will likely continue to be minimal for the foreseeable future.  At some point, I’ll finish my book in draft, Whose agenda are you leading?, and likely have value adds associated with it on my site.  For now, it has taken a back seat as well.

Beyond this general update, I want to inform you of upcoming changes I’m planning to make regarding my automated email system.  If you desire my blog to show up in your Inbox, please read!  Effective next week, my paid subscription for email marketing will be discontinued.  I’m planning to export my entire distribution list for archiving and future opt in request.  In the meantime, I’ll be using Google feedburner, a free service, to push out blog post to subscribers.  If you desire to continue to have my occasional post show up in your Inbox, please go to CHRISARNOLD.ORG and enter your information under Blog Subscribe at the lower right hand portion of the page as noted in the photo in today’s post.

Additionally, I encourage you to connect with me on social media, if not already.  My social media information is in the top right hand section of the site.  All blog post are automatically published to all my social media feeds.

Finally, I do occasionally get asked if I’m continuing to do coaching and consulting.  The answer is “yes” on a very limited basis for which I plan to continue over the long haul.  If you’d like to discuss potential opportunities, simply fill out the Complimentary Confidential Analysis form and I’ll touch base shortly.

As always, I appreciate our relationship and hope you’ll subscribe to my Feedburner feed.  Have an awesome day!


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