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The Story of Bridle and Wild Horse

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been recalling a story that I ran across a few months ago related to two horses.  One which was “bridled” and another which was living the “wild” life.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able... Read More »

Would you like to make a difference for a child this summer!

If you live in Indianapolis, IN, there is a good chance you’re familiar with Shepard Community Center.  Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, they have several great initiatives ongoing to aid to “break the cycle of poverty”.  One... Read More »

What should I “Start, Stop, Continue” doing?

Whether you’re a leader in a billion dollar corporation, small business owner, or simply looking to improve a relationship with a loved one, a great tool for doing so is the process of “Start, Stop, Continue”.  It seems so... Read More »

Why is Man’s Faith in God Dwindling?

Please read and comment on this guest post from Chris Arnold, Jr: Why is Man’s Faith in God Dwindling? I believe man’s biggest flaw is our insistency in being “right.” Because of our obsession with being right, we over... Read More »

“I’ve been working in manufacturing since ‘kindergarten'”

Yesterday, we had a wonderful Arnold family gathering.  Between my nephew’s graduation, sister’s anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and my 47th birthday, we had plenty to celebrate.  One of the fun things about getting together as an entire family is sharing... Read More »

“Everything that I cared about was being taken away from me.” 

Many of you have followed the journey of our son.  In particular, this past year his being hospitalized nine times.  What most haven’t heard is the story behind the scenes that has been going on within his heart.  ... Read More »

The Anatomy of Trust

Spend anytime reflecting upon characteristics of healthy cultures and healthy relationships, inevitably the characteristic of “trust” comes to mind.  Most leaders understand that “trust” is absolutely critical for relationships to work.  In fact, taking it a step forward, here is a... Read More »

“When Work & Family Collide”

I’m reading a great book by Andy Stanley, When Work & Family Collide.  In it, Stanley describes a tension most wrestle with regularly.  The tension between whether one “cheat’s their job or cheat’s their family”.  While one may think... Read More »

“The voice of God should be louder than…”

I must say that I love “the church” and I love my “local body”.  Lisa and I have attended Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN for the past 7 years and have been greatly blessed by this community.... Read More »

“This is my solemn vow.”

Today, is the 55th Wedding Anniversary of Dave and Sue Arnold, my Dad and Mom!  Yes, back on April 8th, 1961, Mom and Dad stood at the alter at Meridian Street Methodist Church in Indianapolis, IN and vowed to... Read More »
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