“Nearly 80% of what we enjoy is based on our genetic code.”

Career Assessment Model Rev 1


When talking with people about their “perfect career” or “life path”, one of the key elements we discuss is the need to understand one’s Genetic Code.  I offer the following from our Life Path/Career Path Assessment summary.

“There are only a few very fortunate individuals that discover that the secret for happiness in life
and satisfaction in your career are the result of doing the things that you enjoyed the most. The
majority of us struggle by considering what we are good at, what we’ve been told to do, what we
think will enjoy, and what societal or cultural conditions dictate.

Let’s take a totally different tact. Since happiness and satisfaction flow right from your inborn
personality and preferences, let’s determine those first. We are each born with the unique
genetic code and part of that code determines the things that we enjoy. This genetic code is
also the secret that helps us determine the path to happiness and career satisfaction. Nearly
80% of what we enjoy is based on our genetic code. The other 20% is environmental and
economic. However, studies have shown that when the environmental or economic conditions
are within a positive normal range our genetic preferences take total control.

While our genetic code allows for an infinite number of personal preferences this assessment
and evaluation will be limited to 16 different distinct choices. As we mentioned before we will be
looking at four primary areas in your life: first how you relate to other people around you; second
how you process and use information; third how you make decisions; and finally how you
approach life as a whole.”

While normally, one needs to take our scientific assessment which can be signed up for under Career Coaching, today I’m offer you an opportunity to “guesstimate” your genetic code and receive a preview report.  

From the table below, we need to identify the letters the best describes you for the given questions.

1. How you relate to other people – Outward or Inward
2. How you approach and process information – Realest or Generalist
3. How you approach and make decisions – Logical or Compassionate
4. And how you relate our life as a whole – Structured or Flexible

LPCP Assessment

So, an example of a few codes might be IRLS, IGCF, OGLS, etc.  As noted above, there are sixteen different combination of these letters and we’re looking to “guesstimate” the one that best represents you.  Make sense?  If not, no worries, I can assist!

When reflecting on this chart, you might find yourself in between in some areas.  It’s always helpful to seek out input from someone who knows you well like a parent, spouse, co-worker, or other close friend.  Again, realizing this is only your “guesstimate” and isn’t the “official” test you’d pay us to guide you through.

Once you have you “guesstimate” of your personal code, use the Click Here button to sign-up for our Career Coaching introductory email series.  This particular Click Here link also allows you to select your Genetic Code Guesstimate.


Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll immediately receive 1 of 3 introductory emails to be sent over the next few days.  We haven’t automated distribution our Generic Code Preview Reports to date.  Thus, I will personally send you your preview report within 24-48 hours of seeing your sign up.   I anticipate you to find this information very intriguing and helpful.

Assuming you desire to take next steps, you can go to the Ready to get started? link under Career Coaching or found in all of the introductory series emails.  As you’ll see in the drop down, packages range from engaging in my entire 7 Step Coaching Process to simply taking the scientific assessment and receiving the full report and workbook.


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