So, what is “a beep?” It is an obstacle standing in the way of an individual or team achieving their vision or intended purpose. Life can deliver some pretty big “beeps”. For example, job loss, loss of a major contract, sickness or injury, and the list goes on. If not careful, these “beeps” can result in “limiting beliefs” transitioning to our losing track of the original vision and, eventually, failing to achieve the ultimate vision or purpose.

So, what do you do when you experience “beeps”? We coach the following process:

  • Acknowledge the “beeps”
  • Learn from the “beeps”
  • Select a new path
  • Stay focused on the vision with clear intentions

Then, when you hit the next “beep” (as you will) repeat the process always staying focused on the vision with clear intentions.

While simply stated, this process can be quite challenging, requiring outside council and guidance. While we would love to say we have this process mastered, we also experience “beeps” routinely requiring our own coaches to remind us of the fact that “it’s just a beep”!

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