Are you in alignment?


Most of us have likely experienced driving a vehicle which is out of alignment. It normally isn’t running smoothly (eg. steering wheel vibrates) and there is unnecessary wear and tear (eg. tires worn unevenly). While there is a cost for alignment of the vehicle, it’s substantially less than what it will cost to address failures caused by the misalignment.

Well, much like a vehicle, teams and relationships often find themselves out of alignment. While they may have a vision, strategy, and goals of where their going, like a vehicle, they’re experiencing substantial cost associated with misalignment which eventually may cause catastrophic failure. While we’d like to believe our team’s are in alignment, the truth is that most rarely are.

Now, let me ask you something? How often do you know your vehicle is misaligned prior to having the alignment checked? Yes, if bad enough, you may experience a bit of vibration, however, this is normally at a point where the situation is getting bad. The same holds true with your team and relationships. Most of the time, we think things are “going pretty good” when in reality, there is misalignment needing assessed by an outside party. Yes, that outside party normally cost a bit to assess and lead your team back into alignment, however, this cost is a fraction of the cost associated with allowing the misalignment to continue.

Candidly, when it comes to teams and relationships, we’re alignment experts. If their is misalignment within your organization, we’re guarantee to find it. And, when we find it, the cost will be a fraction of what it would have cost if the misalignment were to continue.

So what are some symptoms that you’re dealing with some significant misalignment? Here are a few:
Personalization of issues – members feel attached
Sharp fluctuations in attitude about the team and the project’s chance of success
Frustration and finger pointing – “air is thick”
Power struggles for influence
Individual members reacting to what needs to be done
Members operating from fight or flight
Cliques and factions form; power struggles develop
Focus is on problems – and others as the problem
Chances are if you have any one of these there are significant challenges to be addresses which will require outside intervention.

So, what do you say? Is it time to have your alignment checked? Our shop is pretty full, however, click here to learn more, call us, and we’ll find a way to schedule you in.

Have a fantastic day!

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