Will 2014 be a “Turning Point” for you?


We hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas , Happy New Year, and are anticipating an exciting 2014! As we close out 2013, I’ve been reflecting on “turning points” or “defining moments” and wanted to pass along a few thoughts.

Before doing so, however, I want to take a couple of minutes and ask you a question. I get the opportunity to work with leaders and their teams on a regular basis. One of the questions we often ask people is to identify “turning points” or “defining moments” in their lives. Generally speaking, as you look back on life you can see key turning points that shape who you are today. So, I’d like each of you to take a minute and reflect upon 3-5 turning points which have happened in your life.

OK, hopefully, you have a few of these turning points or defining moments on your mind. When sharing this exercise with others, I often share that two of my personal turning points are represented by rings on my fingers: my marriage & a state championship football ring. From a business standpoint, I could site a handful of examples which led to where we are today. Things such as a decision to move our family to Kentucky, the loss of a job, the decision to partner with Truth@Work in my business, and our first six figure client. Most of all, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the most significant turning point in my life being a decision to turn over control of my life and truly follow Jesus Christ.

There is a story to go with each of these examples which we don’t have time for today. What I do want to focus on is the fact that we must be on the playing field and “one play can change the game”. Yes, in your personal examples and my own examples, one circumstance completely changed the game. Had this circumstance or decision not happened your life would look completely different than it looks today.

Now, here might be a tough question. In the grand scheme of things, what was your contribution to these circumstances? Well, generally speaking, you likely created an environment where you were on the playing field which is a must. However, some external circumstances arose to allow for a decision to be made resulting in a turning point which you initially had little thought or control. The emphasis hear being you creating an environment and allowing external circumstances to present themselves.

In Truth@Work, we emphasize the “value of one good idea” Each month, at the end of our Truth@Work roundtable meetings, we ask members to give their one big takaway from the meeting. Additionally, at the end of the year, we ask them to reflect back and summarize their “one good idea”. Interestingly, normally, our members can summarize one or two game changers they’ve taken away having value far beyond the price of admission. A personal example I would have is one conversation which led to a six figure opportunity.

So, here is my challenge to you in 2014! Are you placing yourself in an environment that allows the best chance for these “turning points” or “defining moments” to occur. Looking at it differently, do you have a better chance of personally initiating a turning point yourself or by having a 3rd party sounding board?

While we’d love to speak to you about Truth@Work roundtables as they provide this type of environment to hundreds across the nation, the reality is that Truth@Work isn’t for everyone. We also recognize, this isn’t the only environment that presents these types of opportunities.

Another environment we offer personally, is engaging directly with you to provide listening, counsel, and encouragement. Between individual clients and roundtable members, we sit across the table monthly with 50+ business leaders. As you can imagine, having this type of interaction with high capacity leaders, we provide input and get to see a tremendous amount of “turning points” in their lives and businesses.

So, what have been your “turning points” and what are you doing to create an environment to allow for the next “defining moment” in your life? Remember, “one play can change the game” in 2014 and we’d love to be a part of this experience.

Have a fantastic day!



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  1. Bill Girrier says:

    Good word Chris! Thanks for sharing – I’m going to use it with my RT.

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