Who’s your “interactive trainer”?

This morning while I was working out on my treadmill, the words “interactive trainer” noted on the treadmill continued to stand out to me. With respect to the treadmill, what it means to be an “interactive trainer” is that it has multiple pre-programmed workouts that one can choose. Thus, you have a more personalize experienced with working out. For me, I’m pretty simple in that I stick with one speed and walk for a period of time.

So, why where the words “interactive trainer” sticking out this morning. The thought I began to reflect upon is the way God’s Word is my “interactive trainer” in the journey of life. Yes, earlier today as I was reviewing the scriptures, the message of “fear not”,  “patience”, and “trust” continued to jump of the pages. For those who’ve had this experience, you likely understand what I’m describing with God’s Word being “living and breathing”. Yes, not only is it our “training guide” it is “interactive”!

Many followers of Jesus wish God would “interact” with them through speaking to them directly. While I believe God interacts with us in various ways, one of the ways I personally experience is His interacting directly through His Word. As we read His Word, there are times that the words jump off the pages of the Bible and resonate in our hearts. Make no mistake, this is our “interactive trainer” molding and shaping our hearts.

So, I’ll leave you with a questions. When it comes to your spiritual fitness, who’s your “interactive trainer”? Is it the father of lies or the Voice of Truth? My encouragement would be for you to allow the Voice of Truth to interact with your through His Word.

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