What’s the health of your team?

 What’s the health of your team?

You’ve just begun a process to truly understand!

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I work with leaders and their teams to assess the current situation, open up lines of communication, and align teams toward a common vision. My assessment is a key to this process for which I’m offering you a bit of insight today!

If not already, click here above to sign up to view an example assessment which you can take firsthand and see how you benchmark against others.  This “generic” assessment is offered as an example of a “tailored” assessment designed specifically for you and your team.  Responses to this particular survey are anonymous and data is collected simply as a benchmark.

Ready to get started?

Let me help uncover potential dysfunction and opportunities!

Simply go to the buy now button below, select your team’s size, and proceed.  Your payment will be processed and I’ll be in contact with 24-48 hours to begin collecting information about your specific team.  Once I have this information, I’ll tailor a survey for your team and we’ll get started.  The timing to obtain input and provide you the results varies primarily due to the responsiveness of your team members, however, averages between 5-10 days from start to finish.

Team Assessment Survey

Note:  Over 25 Team members?  That’s AWESOME!  Fill out the Complimentary Confidential Analysis information on the side and we’ll be in touch!

This isn’t a generic survey!

I tailor to your team and provide firsthand insights!

Again, this is NOT just a generic survey you can assess online from anywhere.  I tailor the survey for your team and provide firsthand insights.  Part of the process is a 60 minute debrief with you, the leader, with recommendations on how to proceed.  Here is an example Team Assessment Summary Report.

Act now as I am limited on the number of surveys I can perform on a monthly bases.  Many of those taking the assessment chose to engage in my Team Alignment process which is a great next step.  That being said, everyone finds tremendous value from the feedback.

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