“what are the benefits of having an outsider like me…”


As one might expect, I often get into questions as the what are the benefits of having an outsider like me come into an organization.  Today, I thought I’d share a few of my typical responses to these questions.  However, prior to doing so, allow me to help those who don’t understand what I do, better understand.

In short, while it may not be the best branding statement, one I occasionally use that people get is:

“Leading people often gets messy! I offer a process to navigate through this messiness creating a healthy, focused leadership team.”

Patrick Lencioni, a true pioneer in leadership and business as well as best selling author of The Advantage, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and many more organizational health resources, provides a foundation for my approach. Using my own tailored processes, I work with leaders and their teams to assess the current situation, open up lines of communication, and align teams toward a common vision.  While feedback varies from this process, most client provide the following:

“Chris, you really helped us to open up and talk having some of the conversations we should have been having a long time ago. And, you really got us focused on where we’re headed all pulling together on the same rope.”

So, what are the benefits of having an outsider like me come into an organization?  Well, hear are just a few:

  1. Minimized Risk – There is always input from team members that needs to hit the table; however, isn’t getting out of the table with the appropriate emphasis due to a lack of trust and fear of retribution.  As a third party, I’m able to build trust quickly with your team allowing them to open up in a non-threatening manner.
  2. Wake-up Call – While I’m a nice guy to work with that most team’s love, they also experience the fact that I’m showing up at the door as a “wake-up call”.  People naturally don’t make positive changes or continuously improve without some incentive for which my merely showing up at the door provides.
  3. 3rd Party, Non-biased Opinion – I don’t care how well your team is functioning together, you’re not having “non-biased” conversations.  As one who’s “been there done that” and works with all kinds of teams, I offer a unique prospective on people, strategies, as well as a wide range of other relevant topics for teams.
  4. I can say things to the leader, you can’t – Yes, while often not the most popular thing to do, I am able to press into the leader a bit harder than their team members or others within the organization.  I normally use wisdom and tact in doing so; however, I can go places you can’t.
  5. Soft landing – Many times, changes are needed within the team.  A particular team member may discover through the process along side the team that they’re simply not a fit.  The beauty of me, the outsider, is I can affirm this in both the team and individual and coach through a process of exit that “end’s well”.

There are numerous other benefits that come to mind;  however, hopefully that gives you a bit of flavor today.  The on ramp for checking out how I might help you is simple.  Fill out the Complimentary CONFIDENTIAL ANALYSIS form at the right of my webpage and let’s schedule a time to connect.  I assure you the conversation will have value regardless of whether you chose to engage me or not.

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