Want to grow your faith? Start your own business!


Spend any time around a sole proprietor or small business owner and you’ll likely appreciate today’s topic. It doesn’t take long for me to bring up to folks in conversation that “if you want to grow your faith, start your own business”. Yes, time and time again, I see this in business owners I’m associated. They will tell you starting and running their own business has brought them to their knees crying out to The Lord for help. That certainly has been the case with our family along the way.

Yes, as recently as this week, I’ve been reminded to place my faith and trust in God (not Chris) for financial provision for my family. The picture in today’s post is a picture of my “giving up” and committing to “trust God for financial provision for our family”. This has been a theme for The Arnolds for the past six years since the launch of our business. In a special kind of way, God has used this to draw us into a personal relationship that we’d never experienced prior.

Prior to my going into business for myself, I had many of the right spiritual disciplines in my life like daily reading of the scriptures, prayer, church attendance, life groups, and serving. That being said, I rarely asked God for guidance when it came to my work on a daily basis. Yea, I might throw up a prayer asking “God, really, is this where I’m suppose to be?”, however, I’d rarely consult Him for guidance in the manner I do today.

Candidly, I often wonder how many people are truly seeking God’s guidance for their daily decisions and direction in their business and life. I’m learning that some may think they are, however, it’s only a small fraction who truly are seeking His guidance. If you’re not in communion with God daily and hearing His unique recognizable voice on a regular basis, it might be time to reevaluate how your investing in this relationship. You don’t have to “start your own business” to grow your faith and trust in Christ.

So, as of today, we don’t know where God is leading us next; however, we continue to seek Him daily knowing that we can “trust Him for financial provision for our family”. How about you? Would you like to join us in the journey?

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