“Father Knows Best!”

Do you ever remember as a teenager hearing these words or one’s similar to them?  “Father Knows Best!”  Well, I don’t recall them used verbatim, however, I do recall them in context.  Raising teenagers today, I can totally relate as well.

As parents, God has often gifted us with life experiences as well as wisdom and knowledge to know what’s best for our children.  It’s like driving down the road and parents having a 30,000 foot viewpoint where as our children are in the mist of it and can only see the immediate road ahead of them.  Often they don’t see the upcoming 90 degree turn that’s going to take them completely off course if they don’t slow down and listen to our warnings.   Additionally, they may not hear our voice of encouragement knowing that clear paths are just around the turn.

In our family, we have two fantastic children.  For the most part, I think deep down they know and respect the principle behind “father knows best.”  This isn’t to say they haven’t gone off course on occasion; however, in those circumstances, they’ve allowed us as parents to lead them back on course given our 30,000 foot viewpoint.  Even at that, our viewpoint may be mistaken and we are at risk of failing our children.

Well, today’s blog isn’t about our children, it’s about “us as children”.  It’s about how we all have a Heavenly Father who truly “knows best”.  Unlike our earthly father, our Heavenly Father’s goodness and wisdom are never mistaken.  He doesn’t make mistakes that will lead us astray.  Oh, we may have great difficulty hearing and interrupting what He is telling us; however, at the core, His guidance is flawless.

In Lisa and my personal journey, we’ve come to a point that we long for and desire to clearly hear and know our Heavenly Father’s will and guidance for our lives.  We’ve come to a realization that the only true success in this world is a life of seeking God’s will and walking in obedience to it.  As a result, we’ve often come to realize our timing isn’t His timing which can become frustrating at times.

Over the past several weeks, Lisa has been reflecting on the following scripture:  “But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”  Romans 8:25

Adding to this, I offer one of our life verses:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hears and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7

While we won’t get into the details, the past few months have been spent in discussions with others about a transition toward our next step in our journey.  Knowing that these discussions have been in complete alignment with where we believe God is leading us, they have come with great excitement.   This isn’t to say the potential transition wouldn’t come without some challenges.  However, when you have complete faith and trust in Our Father, you’ll take on these Goliath’s with great humility and confidence knowing “Father Knows Best.”

Well, with recent news, it’s beginning to look like our perceived path may not be the one we’re suppose to travel.  Or, we’ve travel it for a reason, however, that reason hasn’t been made clear yet.  We think we’re seeing a potential curve in the roadway starting to appear, but, we’re also experiencing “fog” today.  So, we’re simply electing to pull off the side of the road and wait. Yes, “father knows best” and the encouragement right now seems to be “wait”.

Are we waiting as there truly is a unexpected turn up ahead OR simple waiting the “fog” to clear as He has other work to do to prepare the roadway?  Well, either way, I guess it doesn’t really matter “why”.  Yes, we’re reminded once again this morning that “Father Knows Best” and “we wait for it patiently” knowing, in His timing, our path will become clear.

Oh, by the way, our waiting for the next week will be on white sandy beaches; so, it could be worse!!!!!

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