“There is just something different about that one tree!”


This summer as I walked and talked with The Lord, I consistently have crossed a section of the path where I’ve notice this one particular tree that stands out over the rest. Being a blogger, I’ve often thought, “now there is a blog topic in this one”; however, I’ve never seemed to have words that flow. So, today, on my walk, I seemed to get a sense that now is the time.

What is it about that tree? As seen in the picture, it is a tree that towers over all the other trees in it’s general area. This causes one to ask, why does that one tree grow so much faster than the rest in the area. You’d think that I’d try to research the type of tree it was, however I’ve never been one to know tree types.

As I often do, I attempt to take things in God’s creation and relate them to our lives. As I’ve passed by this tree throughout the summer, I’ve attempted to make several parallels to the Christian walk. I’ve reflected on it’s growth due to better nourishment, but that didn’t seem to be true as there were other trees right beside it in the same environment. I reflected on how people could see this tree from far away and how that relates to our lives. Again, nothing really came on this as well. Thus, I just continued to walk by reflecting on the fact that “there is just something different about that one tree.”

Today, as I came up on the one tree, I finally decided to take a picture. As I walked the path, I had a sense today was the day I was going to write about that one tree. In great anticipation, I walked the path praying that God might reveal the words He wanted me to put down on paper; yet, nothing was coming. I just kept thinking “there is just something different about that one tree” and “I wish I could better understand what’s different about that tree.”

Then, as I turned the corner to head to my home, it struck me. What struck me is how similar this can be to the Christian walk. The fact that I was saying “there is just something different about that one tree” parallels how others should see us as Christians. Like I did when I first accepted Christ, I had a friend that never “preached” to me; however, I just saw “something different” about him that I wanted to better understand. The fact that I passed by this tree all summer long looking at it wondering what was different about it is often the way others view us as Christians. As they pass by us in life, they hopefully are seeing something different and asking the question as to why.

What are people seeing in you? Like the tree in today’s story, are you saying little while still standing out among the crowd causing others to be intrigued? Please share your stories!

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