stages of high-performance

stages of high performance

Several years ago, my friend Jim Zarvos, Zarvos Leadership and Coaching, shared with me a process he utilizes to aid leaders and their teams in aligning toward high performance.  Jim and I call this process a Team Alignment process and it’s become a cornerstone for services now offered to my clients.  When asked for feedback as to how we aid our clients in the process of Team Alignment, most reply with two common themes:

1) “you really helped us to open up and talk having conversations we should have been having a long time ago”, and 2) “you really aided in getting our team focused on a common vision and aligned toward the fulfillment of that vision.”

A key part of this process is getting the team truly conscious and grounded in their current level of performance.  While it takes a much deeper assessment than simply glancing at the “stages of high-performance” process pictured above, this chart is a fairly quick and easy way to assess your team.

Looking at the chart above, we find most teams we work to be in the transition from stage 2 to 3; however, others are at various stages of the process.  It’s important to note that most high performance teams go through a similar evolution of this process which can be cyclic.  In other words, high performance teams can have a tendency to revert back to earlier stages overtime influenced by multiple factors.  Thus, the process of Team Alignment is normally not just a one time event.

Additionally, it’s important to noted that transitions through stages 3-5 normally take outside intervention.  Generally, a coach or facilitator similar to myself must be brought in as a catalyst for the process of continued growth.  There are various factors influencing why this is the case; however, one of the major influences centers around the first feedback theme offered above: “you really helped us to open up and talk having conversations we should have been having a long time ago.”  Yes, no matter how hard you work as a leader, there always seems to be “blind spots” that need uncovered within the team that by the nature of their being “blind spots” can’t be discovered without an outside influence.

I’m presently working with multiple teams ranging from small businesses to billion dollar organizations.  So, don’t allow the size of your business or team to influence seeking my assistance.  I’ll work with you to customize the process to best fit with the needs of your organization.  Contact me to set up a time to discuss today!

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