“Sometimes You Need Outside Eyes” by Chris Brady

If you haven’t run across Chris Brady, you’re missing one of the best public speakers in the world today.  Chris profiles himself as a “NYT Best Selling Author, Inc. Mag’s Top 50 Leader, CEO of LIFE Leadership, Speaker, Humorist, World Traveler, Soccer Fan, Father, Rascal!”  One of the best traits I think in this list is “Humorist” as he always delivers a solid leadership message with awesome, clean humor.  Today’s video is just one of many examples.

In today’s post, Chris talked about “Sometimes You Need Outside Eyes” which does a fantastic job giving prospective on how I serve clients.  As an example, this past month, I crossed over 200 advisory boards either facilitated or having been apart serving as those “outside eyes” to other leaders.  I often talk about how “one play can change the game” for which I have numerous examples which parallel Chris’ thoughts in the video.  Outside these advisory boards, we have multiple client stories to testify the value of an outside prospective via my team alignment, consulting, and one-on-one coaching services.

Is it time you and your team to have some “outside eyes” in your business or organization?  I’d love to share some of my success stories and discuss how I might best serve you.  Simply fill out the contact form on my site and I’ll touch base with you soon.

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