“Raining On The Inside”

Well, we’ve transitioned to the new condo this week.  Must say, our bodies are sore and worn out; however, we’re really happy with our new location.  Hopefully, within the next week, we’ll have all the pictures hung on the walls and be completely settled in.  Thankful to be freed from much “stuff” in the process.

This morning it was raining and I discovered a memory from one of my favorite past times.  The condo has a covered porch which we haven’t had at one of our homes for years.  As I sat outside this morning listening to the rain on the lake, it reminded me of the times I spent at my Grandmother and Grandfather Arnold’s lake house.  Yes, one of my favorite times was to sit out on their covered porch during times that it was raining.  Occasionally, Grandfather Arnold and I would be listening to a Cincinnati Reds game on the radio during these times of rain as well.  Yes, it’s interesting how some of the small things in life like rain can bring back so many memories.

Another memory that came to mind this morning from the same time frame, my teen years, was my singing the song “Raining On The Inside” by Amy Grant.  Yes, one of my hidden past times was Lisa and my involvement in high school in a Christian singing group, called “Christian Edition”.  We have a video of our signing which hopefully got lost in the move as we really were pretty bad!  As bad as we sounded, this time was still filled with many great experiences and memories of lives impacted by our group.

This morning, I pulled up the lyrics to the song and reflected upon them.  Here they are:

“Raining On The Inside”
by Amy Grant

When all goodbyes are said and done
And nighttime finds you home
Are you alright to spend a night
Of being all alone
Or do you hide between the lines
Of conversations past
A wall of words, a heart unheard
That hides behind a mask

I’m raining on the inside
My heart wells up with tears that start to pour
I’m raining on the inside
But Your cries of love break through
And I fall in love with You once more

When friends who care can’t be there
To ease away my pain
And peace of mind is hard to find
Like sunlight in the rain
God sees my heart, the deepest part
Inside this lonely me
And reachin’ in, His love begins
To heal the heart in me


While the lyrics likely have multiple meanings to different people and different times, this morning what hit me was their relationship to experiences of loneliness we go through in life.  Yes, loneliness and isolation are times when we can come under attack and fall into temptation.  However, what I’ve experienced more recently is how God can use these times of loneliness and isolation to draw us near.  Yes, let’s read the chorus one more time:

“I’m raining on the inside
My heart wells up with tears that start to pour
I’m raining on the inside
But Your cries of love break through
And I fall in love with You once more”

This morning, listening to the rain on the lake and reflecting on the lyrics of the song, I’m reminded once again of how I’ve fallen in love with Him once more.  How about you, are you pursuing a love relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus?  If not, let this be an encouragement to invite Him in and allow His “cries of love” to “break through”!

4 responses to ““Raining On The Inside””

  1. Jeannie Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about rain . . . I like the way thinking about the rain reminded you of good memories with your grandparents. Sometimes a rain interrupts our plans . . . and forces us to rearrange our day . . . sometimes God interrupts our lives and allows us to rearrange our plans . . . we have the choice: Do we just grab an umbrella and keep on track, or pause, re-evaluate, and make a change?

  2. Christie Turnbull says:

    Exactly what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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