“One play can (has) change the game!”

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If you’re a reader of mine or we’ve ever been engaged in a coaching relationship, you may have heard me share that “one play can change the game!”  A search on my blog will lead you to numerous blogs discussing “defining moments” and how “one play can change the game”. “Game changers” come in the form of things like: a new product, new client, new position, sale of a company, conversation leading to “significance”, and a host of other circumstances.   Normally when sharing, I’m sharing in the context of encouragement to “stay in the game” and stress the importance of “being in the game” for “game changers” to happen.  Well, I had a “game changer” come up and am headed in a new direction!

Earlier this summer, there was a conference which I wasn’t sure I really needed to attend.  That being said, as I normally do, I prayed about it and felt it was something I should commit to doing.  Once I was there, I was extremely glad that I attended and on day three one of my “miniature golf” partners was sharing a story related to a hydroponic farm business they were partnered.  As he was sharing the story, he shared that they needed someone with a skill set similar to mine to provide a bit of leadership to the organization.  I looked at him and he said, “you interested?”.  The rest is history!

Yes, last week, I started my new role as General Manager of Farm 360.  Farm 360 is an indoor farm which grows fresh, local, organic food products.   With our initial facility located in Englewood, on the near east side of Indianapolis, Farm 360’s goal is to revitalize unused inner city buildings to create a fresh, local healthy food source, while saving neighborhoods and creating jobs. We have a vision to have multiple warehouses across the city and beyond.  Inside Indiana Business wrote a recent article on Farm 360 (previous Farm 365) which you can read here to learn more.  After one week with the team, I’m even more excited about the mission and vision of this organization as well as the team I’m partnered.

So, what’s this mean about CHRISARNOLD.ORG?  Well, another great thing about my relationship with Farm 360 is that I am able to continue to serve coaching and consulting clients on a limited basis.   I still have a handful of active clients and will evaluate taking on new clients as I’m approached.  Thus, if you have a need, please reach out.

Given the context of today blog, let this continue to be an encouragement to you that “one play can change the game!”  You can look forward to further information on my personal “game changer” in the months ahead.

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