I have a confession!

I have a confession!  I have a challenge which I anticipate many of you have the same.  However, before sharing this challenge, I wanted to share a brief story.

Recently, I’ve backed down to part-time/fractional in my role as President and CEO of Uplift Produce.  This has afforded me the time to reconnect with some old friends and refocus on business advising through both Truth At Work and my independent coaching and advisory business.  I have truly enjoyed getting back out and serving others and am focused on building out these elements of my business.

In serving others, I have a 12 Habits framework that promises to identify 2x or more profitability in a business in only a 45 minute meeting.  Yea, I know, it sounds like some sales pitch, doesn’t it!  Candidly, that’s while I don’t tend to use the canned approach which my marketing folks encourage me to use that goes something like this:

“I help them implement a unique 12 Habits of Highly Profitable Businesses framework, and my best clients see $100,000, $200,000 or more in new profits hit their P&L and even their bank account in the first 13 weeks that we work together. Some of our clients even double their profits.”

While this does seem a little unbelievable, it really isn’t.  Beyond this, the ROI on these clients is generally 10x what they invest in our relationship together.  Due to client confidentiality, I won’t share details; however, would be glad to share a bit more one-on-one.

So, I began this post with “I have a confession!”  So, what is it?

Well, here it is:  “I undervalue my contribution to those I serve!”  It’s been a historic issue with me!  I’d give away my time for free if I could and on multiple occasions I have.  I work with my clients to increase prices which automatically dropped directly to their profitability; yet, I often have trouble doing the same.  I’m finding that coaches and advisors of my caliber are charging 10 times what I charge.  Yes, I said 10x!  Where I charge $1000/month, other will charge $10,000/month and I can’t disagree they bring that value.

With this confession, I’m asking you to help me hold myself accountable!   If we’re fortunate enough to meet firsthand and, perhaps, I begin to serve you in some fashion, will you help me not undervalue my time?  Seriously, if we connect in a 45 minute meeting, and find ways of dramatically increasing your profits; then, what’s that worth to you?  Or, if you sit around the table with 12 CEO/Owners of businesses that provide an environment to breakthrough you’re biggest challenges in not only your business but your life, what’s that worth to you?  No, I’m not likely to charge $10,000/month as some do; however, it’s likely worth a bit more than I traditionally would charge.

So, how about you?  Do you undervalue your time, services, and/or products?  If so, maybe we should talk!

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