“I can now see so clearly!”


My daughter is so beautiful!  Like many teen girls, I know she questions it at times and needs to hear others tell her so; however, it’s true.  Beyond the external, she’s equally as beautiful on the inside.  Recently, she’s started a new job working with children which we’ve seen from the sidelines.  For some reason, her inner beauty radiates so brightly when around these children.  Possible, it’s a sign of a direction of her particularing calling.

Today’s post includes a picture of her in her new glasses.  Kylie had worn glasses earlier in life, however, had gotten away from wearing them in recent years.  As we’ve begun to drive, it’s become more and more apparent that she needs glasses.  In particular, her right eye needs significant correction for distance.

So, the other day, Kylie and Lisa picked up her new pair of glasses.  I’d gone with her to pick them out the prior week and she was pretty excited about getting them.  This is always a nice sign as there are some people, like myself, that greatly resist having a pair.

While driving home, Kylie made a comment to Lisa something similar to, “Wow, I can’t believe what a difference these make.  I can see so clearly.”  Yes, her eyes adjusted very quickly and the difference the glasses made were like night and day.  We’re all so excited with the added benefit being that she really looks fantastic in these glasses.

As Lisa was sharing the story with me, it hit both of us and Lisa said, “Isn’t Kylie’s now being able to see so clearly like one who experiences the light of Christ?  Often, we don’t know how badly we need Him until we look through His eye’s as with a new pair of glasses.”  Yes, once we finally look at life through Christ’s lens, things become so much more clear.  Like Kylie’s glasses, we really don’t know how much more clear a life in Christ is until we finally begin to put it on.

Keith Ogorek, a personal friend of mine, wrote a book called A Clear View:  The formation and Impact of Worldview.  In it, Keith uses this very analogy of putting on a new pair of glasses.  Keith discusses three key components that make up one’s worldview (or lens with which we view life).  They are one’s beliefs of: 

  1. God – Existence, Know-ablity, Attributes
  2. Man – Good or Evil, Fate vs. Freewill, Immortality, Authority
  3. Existense – Origin/End, Good or Evil, Matter vs. Immaterial, Truth/Knowing

Keith does a fantastic job outlining the various worldviews or pairs of glasses people wear.  Then, how “a Christian worldview can provide satifactory answers to life’s biggest questions.” It’s only about 100 pages and a great read for the simple minded.

One final thought going back to Kylie.  How do you suppose Kylie finally made the decision that she needed glasses?  Well, while Lisa and I encouraged her, we didn’t make the decision for her nor push her into doing so.  Imagine how it might have gone if this were the case.  Much the same, which Ogorek also comments in his book, we can’t force someone to look through Christ lens.  It only comes when one personally desires to do so at which time one’s response is “I can now see so clearly!”  

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  1. Dave Boyd says:

    Chris, your daughter is in fact beautiful! As is your analogy of eyesight improvement to seeing through Jesus’s light. And you last paragraph regarding God’s timing brings me comfort. I’ll explain at our next lunch! Thanks for sharing. DB

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