“hidden cost with a lack of trust”

I have a confession!  In the process of our recent move, I gave up my office furniture and am in a temporary location.  Generally speaking, I’m a virtual guy or onsite at my clients; so, it’s not a big issue to not have my office.  That being said, I am starting to experience a bit of an hidden cost with a lack of an office.   More specifically, it’s a hidden cost with a lack of trust in my chair.

Yes, the nice comfortable chair pictured in today’s blog is missing the mark.  As you can tell, it’s not the most comfortable chair out of the gate; however, that isn’t the issue.  The issue is that I’ve had to repair it a couple times and now lack trust in leaning back in it for fear of it breaking.  As it’s temporary and I’m rarely using it, I hate to go out and buy a new one; so, I’ve been getting by simply by not leaning back in my chair.  You posture folks know where this is headed next…right?

Yes, I’ve started to experience the hidden cost associated with a lack of trust in my chair.  What started out as a little bit of back soreness has now migrated to numbness in my left leg.  I believe the technical explanation is a pinched sciatic nerve originating from my lower back.  Unlike the numbness when you sleep on your arm in the wrong way, this particular numbness takes a bit more to go away.  For now, I’ve simply decided to minimize my time in that particular chair and am doing some exercises to relieve the numbness.

So why such a seemly random, self pity story emphasizing “hidden cost with a lack of trust” in my chair?  Well, it’s exactly that, “hidden cost with a lack of trust”.  Obviously, the numbness in my left leg was never expected and is potentially going to lead to some significant unexpected cost.  A similar “lack of trust” within yourself, your team, as well as individual relationships has “hidden cost” which you’d be surprised to uncover.

In my coaching of leaders and their teams, the #1 breakthrough clients have centers around an absence of trust.  Primarily through aiding them in becoming more open and vulnerable, leaders and their teams have major breakthroughs elevating trust which leads to accelerated change with beneficial results.  Like myself and my chair, these folks normally don’t see the “hidden cost” associated with their “lack of trust”.  What’s often surprising as well after the fact is how seemly easy it is for me to assess and walk them through a process that yield immediate results.  While not as easy as simply “buying a new chair”, you’d be surprised at what an assessment and some brief time together can uncover and yield in the way of results within your team.

While I’ll save the details for our one-on-one conversation, please allow me to make an offering.  Ordinarily, the primary context by which the process I’m referring is exercised within a team environment.  Traditionally, my process for team alignments has required me to engage with leaders and their teams for a period of 2-3 months which is a considerable investment by the client and myself.  Thus, this process has been cost prohibitive for smaller organizations as well as restricted based off my availability.

Recently, I’ve been working with clients to streamline this process.  What we’re finding is that I can provide 80% of the value with significantly less time invested which also means significantly less monetary investment.  Contracts that used to be tens of thousands of dollars now look like clients realizing much of the value for significantly less investment.

Now here is the offering!  While I’ve already piloted this process with a hand full of clients, I need another hand full or so to confirm what we’re seeing in the way of results.  Therefore, for organizations that can commit to this new streamlined process between now and the end of 2015, I am significantly discounting my typical fees.  Not only are you getting the benefit of a streamlined process, I’m discounting my time an additional 20% in order to prove out this new process.

Yes, you and your team will uncover “hidden cost with a lack of trust”, address these shortfalls, and have a game plan with everyone pulling on the same rope together moving forward.  What’s likely worth tens of thousands of dollars or more to you and your team, if committed to prior to the end of 2015 will likely only be an investment of a few thousand dollars.

So, what do you say!  Please allow me to encourage you not to do what I did with regard to my chair.  I tried to save a few bucks and it’s going to cost me greatly in the end.  Contact me and let’s find a time to talk.

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    Hey Chris,
    Would love to get together to discuss what you could do for my team. Thanks!

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    To learn more, please view this video:


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