Heart of a Leader

With Valentines Day just behind us, we were recently inspired by the topic of the “Heart of a Leader”.  In his book, Heart of a Leader, Ken Blanchard discusses many key characteristics of a servant leader.  In an introduction to his book which can be viewed here, Blanchard comments on one of his favorite sayings:

“The key to developing people is to catch them doing something right.”
Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
The One Minute Manager®

Blanchard comments, “I always recommend that leaders spend at least an hour a week wandering around their operation catching people doing things right.”  He further comments that this praise needs to be specific and not a generalized “great job”.

In addition, while presented in the context of a business, Blanchard as well as myself would be quick to point out that we’re all leaders in areas of our lives.  Thus, as owners, executives, managers, parents, coaches, teachers, ministry leaders, etc., we all should take time to catch people around us doing something right.  In doing so, we’re giving a gift from the heart which most will see as one of the greatest gifts they ever could receive.

Thanks for our continued relationship and have a great day!

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