Happy Valentine’s Day!


This Valentine weekend, Lisa and I have the opportunity to spend some quality time back in Owensboro, KY. We spent nearly 9 years in Owensboro right out of college and after marriage. Since 2002, I’ve had the opportunity to go back on a occasion for business; however, this may be Lisa’s first trip since that time. I know she’s been looking forward to it with Owensboro having been such a big part of our lives.

While in Owensboro, and as it relates to Valentine’s Day, we passed by Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken which brought back a wonderful memory. You see, back in 1991, Lisa was down for the weekend and we planned an evening on the boat on the Ohio. On the way, we stopped by and grabbed Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken to have dinner on the boat. This wasn’t our first experience and seemed to be just something we did.

As we got out on the river and were enjoying our chicken, I started to reach back in the side compartment of the boat to grab something. When I couldn’t find it, I’m sure Lisa was starting to see a bit of panic on my face and wondered what I was doing. With my heart racing, I continued to search and, then, finally found what I was looking.

Yes, that evening, after eating our Lee’s chicken and on the Ohio river, I asked Lisa to be my wife. Yes, our proposal, like others I am sure, was a very memorable evening. And, yes, she did say “yes” that evening! (The ring was what I’d thought I’d lost, if you missed it.)

So, this weekend, while we’re traveling back to Owensboro, it’s been neat to recall these memories on Valentine’s weekend. Our love for one another has done nothing but grow over the past 22 years. I am so appreciative God gave me this women to share life together!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby!!!! Don’t have the boat; however, how about Lee’s chicken by the river?

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