Happy Anniversary


Yes, its our one year anniversary for this blog. We had the opportunity this past weekend to skim through all the blogs written over the course of the past year and it’s truly been an eventful year.

One of the things we’ve been reflecting upon lately is “why do I blog?” Our business blog, www.arnoldbu_arnoldbusinessadvisors.com/blog, originally started out as a marketing tool and, to some extent, it still is. We truly are taking the approach that our content needs to be value added, however, it’s primary purpose is to generate business.

The “why” for this blog is different. It actually serves a few purposes. A couple are a bit selfish motives. While I journal routinely, I get a tremendous amount of value in writing these blogs and having them accessible at anytime to go back and reflect upon. As you likely have noticed, many are journaling circumstances in my life where I believe God is teaching me something and I need to be reminded.

Another selfish motive deals with my challenges in reading and writing. Yes, when I was a child, I was in remedial reading and struggled throughout school. There was some doubt at one point as to whether I should take college prep courses as they were concerned that I would not be able to keep up. My verbal scores in my SAT were low and nearly prevented my being admitted to Rose-Hulman. For years, I never truly read an entire book. So, while it’s not something that is consciously on my mind at all times, I must admit that it’s interesting that I read multiple books monthly, write blogs consistently, and have a book project working behind the scenes.

Finally, and more importantly, the primary reason for this blog is to encourage others. It’s been my experience that God uses our personal stories to encourage one another. I’ve been blessed by many others through their stories and it’s my hope and prayer that this blog occasionally blesses someone in the same way. While not all of the time, a high percentage of the time, we receive some type of feedback that a particular blog encouraged someone. If God touches one person with a post, then it’s clearly worth it.

So, our intent is to continue posting primarily when prompted; typically 3-4 times per month. If something in particular hits you with one of our blogs, please don’t hesitate to comment for others to be blessed by your comments.

Lastly, I want to thank my editor. Yes, while I’ve improved greatly on my writing, it still takes the work of my beautiful wife (aka editor) to insure you’re not totally distracted by my grammatical errors. So, hats off to you baby and thanks for all you do.

Thanks for reading and encouraging! Blessings, Chris

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