Growing, Not “Moaning”!


I have to tell you, my Heavenly Father has a sense of humor sometimes that brings joy to our relationship.  This past week, I was on a prayer walk.  Yes, if you see me walking along the path looking like I’m carrying on a conversation with someone and making hand gestures, I promise I’m not going crazy.  More than likely, it’s simply my Heavenly Father and I hanging out.  Boy, do I ever wish He’d talk to me like I’m able to carry on a conversation with someone like my wife, but He doesn’t.  That being said, I’m discovering He does tend to communicate with me through various means as we grow in a more intimate relationship together.  As I’ve shared stories with others, I’m finding this to be true for many that are on a journey to truly “know” Him.

Many of you know that we thought we were being called in a particular direction to serve in His Kingdom and have “cash out” for Him.  While we’re learning more and more what it looks like to Hear God’s Voice, we’re also learning it’s completely different to discern exactly what He’s saying.  This past year at times feels like a bit of a detour as I took my eyes off my business/ministry and focused on moving into a role with the local church.  Thus, “where would you like me to head next?” is a question I’m finding I’m posing to Him daily in this season.   For now, what seems to make the most sense is to refocus on our coaching and consulting business allowing more time for things to evolve.  That being said, the flood gates haven’t opened in this area yet either.

Given this context, this particular walk last week didn’t start out being a time of joy.  If I’m completely transparent, I was a bit frustrated with some of the particulars ongoing that day.  Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say that my prayers are in the direction of “God show me the open doors I need to walk through, show me the doors that need to be closed, and show me the doors I need to go find and knock on .”  Specifically, there are two doors that appear open that just don’t make sense that He’d be asking me to walk through.  Yet, I can’t tell if it’s my flesh or His Spirit leading me to be anxious about these two opportunities.  As a general rule of thumb, if I’m not at peace, it’s generally not His leading.  Thus, I think these are doors to “close”; however, I’m not sure.

About mid-way through our time walking together, I received a prompting which came in the form of an email.  It was from an individual whom someone else felt prompted to connect us.  If in fact the timing of the circumstances was another way of God’s answering me, then clearing it was showing me a door to continue to walk through which would support my closing of the other two doors.  As I reflected upon this, I had a real sense of peace come over me.  Matter of fact, my entire attitude toward our time together changed in that moment as I simply had a sense of His presence and joy which it often brings.  Through song, I began to sing His praises and was enjoying our time together.

Toward the end of our walk, I came up upon the sign in the photo above.  As you can see from the photo, it says: “Growing, Not Mowing”.  It’s in an area they are allowing to grow back to it’s natural condition to provide for wildlife habitat and act as a filter to improve water quality.  Now mind you that I’m having a jovial conversation with my Heavenly Father at this point.  I look at the sign and I read it to say: “Growing, Not ‘Moaning'”!  No, I didn’t hear the audible voice of God; however, I did hear in my spirit, “Son, I’m growing you through this journey we’re on together, you need to stop ‘moaning'”.

Now, while the message is a serious message, I’ll remind you that I began today’s post with how my Heavenly Father has a sense of humor at times.  Yes, in His loving way, He was reminding me of the theme in my life right now which is to “find joy during the uncertainty”!  I received the message with a smile on my face while laughing out loud.  I’ve thanked Him multiple time sense then for the message and “Growing, Not ‘Moaning'” has been on my mind continually since.

So, how about you?  How do you related to stories such as these?  Do you know Our Heavenly Father in a close, intimate relationship where you’re able to carry on conversations like the one in today’s story? Perhaps this is a bit out there for you.  If so, no worries as it was for me as well not long ago.  If you’d like to share or hear more, I’m always open for a conversation.

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