How effective is the internet in spreading the Gospel?

Over the past few years, a conversation that I’ve found myself in on a regular basis centers around “how effective is the internet in spreading the Gospel?”  Historically, the Gospel has spread face-to-face starting from the very beginning and is a very personal experience.  So, the question many have is how effective is the internet at aiding someone in making a decision for Christ and, then, maturing in their faith.

One example that immediately comes to mind is my facilitation of discipleship environments both face-to-face and online via video.  While initially a bit awkward when I started a few years ago, video conferencing has now become seemly just as effective in creating an experience for believers to grow in their faith and trust in the Lord as face-to-face environments.  Going beyond video, I even have routine prayer calls which I participate and see God moving within regularly.  Thus, He’s using technology to mature many in His Kingdom today.

Another thing I’ve witnessed and experienced firsthand, even today, is how God has connected me with others via social media and used this connection to create an experience of community.  A specific example from just today is I was in a time of personal retreat and twice during my period of prayer someone independently sent a personal message of encouragement and said “praying for you today.”  Interestingly, both of these social media friends were people I haven’t talked or corresponded with in years.

Then, we have simply the means by which you and I are connecting today.  Through this blog as well as many other similar blogs, people are being encouraged and maturing in their faith.  I receive many notes of encouragement from my personal blog and have benefited greatly from others resources on the internet as well.  Like anything, we must use discernment on what we’re reading in this “information age”; however, there are great resources out there at our fingertips.

Another example I was discussing this past week with a couple millennials was online church services.  Being off at a university, they haven’t found themselves connecting with a local church body.   Presently, neither feel “convicted” to plug into a local body.  They both feel that through community with other believers on campus, remote relationships, and online church services they’re growing in their faith.  Even beyond this, they feel they are on mission by sharing their faith and inviting others to sit in on online church services in their dorm.  One even goes as far as openly discussing the message and breaking bread together after the service.   While I’m a local church fan, let this be an example of how online church services can bring unity to the body of Christ as well.

Clearly, the above examples support that believers can greatly benefit and mature in their faith from online communities and other resources on the internet.  However, I haven’t really touched on the opportunity for people to “make decisions” to follow Christ.  Unfortunately, this isn’t one I personally have seen many firsthand examples that I’m aware.  Yet, I have heard examples of where it’s happened.  One of these examples which I ran across this past year is represented by the picture in today’s post and quite eye opening.

Great Commission 2020 is a website that tracks multiple landing sites where seekers go and our presented the Gospel. is one example of a site being visited for which the data is being collected.  As seen in today’s photo, at the time I clicked on the site, Great Commission 2020 had recorded 275,145 Visits, 25,181 Indicated Decisions, and 42,326 individuals plugging into a Discipleship environment.  I encourage you to go directly to the site now and see the latest numbers for today firsthand.

Now, prior to the skeptics coming out, let me share with you that I’ve had some firsthand insight to Great Commission 2020 and it’s leadership.  Due to confidentially, I’m unable to share much about their organization nor their stories of people all across the world coming to know Jesus.  What I will share is that they’re reaching “the ends of the earth” (Act 13:47) at a pace far beyond what many have ever imagined.  I trust today has been eye opening for you as well as you went to their site.

So, how effective is the internet in spending the Gospel?  Well, hopefully, in today’s post I’ve brought some awareness to the fact that it’s very effective.  In fact, I believe it will be one of the key tool God uses to expand His Kingdom in the season ahead.  I’d love to hear your firsthand experience as well in the comments below!

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