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I had a discussion the other day with a good friend who asked me a question.  He noticed on my website that I presently emphasize “coaching” where as “consulting” is rarely mentioned.  With my friend knowing my capabilities well, he encouraged me to consider evaluating highlighting the difference between coaching versus consulting and how I personally fit in this context.  So, I wanted to offer this as a starting point.

When most people define “coaching” whether it be business, leadership, life, or a few other types of coaching, it relates more toward elevating individual performance.  Coaches are primarily there to inspire you through listening, aiding you in thinking introspectively, and providing a level of accountability.  As a coach, I personally take a holistic approach which tends to allow us to get into a variety of life and business experience discussions.  I find life balance to be a huge challenge for most and enjoy guiding people down a path of intentionality in all aspect of life.  In this role, most coaches are actually discouraged to offer what might be viewed as consulting input.  Additionally, while normally certified, coaches don’t necessarily have to have a vast amount of experience to facilitate the process of coaching.

Consultants on the other hand are normally hired for their expertise.  They offer an outside prospective in which they bring knowledge to a particular element of your business or organization which normally is in the direction of solving a problem.  Some organizations are known to pay thousands of dollars to a consultant for one day’s expertise as they’re providing a service which that organization needs and will have exponential returns.  I often say “one play can change the game” and it’s more likely to be the consultant than the coach who brings this prospective to your team or organization.

So, as my friend and I were discussing, I am a blend of coaching and consulting.  My clients will likely tell you, I’m not afraid to bring my expertise, thoughts, and ideas to the table.  With over 25 years experience to include now going on 7 years in the coaching and consulting industry, I’ve been exposed to an abundance of knowledge, experience, and expertise.  Where most only have the opportunity to focus within their own team or organization, I’ve had the opportunity to focus in a wide range of businesses and organizations.  With experience in manufacturing, coil coating, highway construction, building construction, automotive, printing, digital marketing, direct sales, social media, distribution, transportation, dry cleaning, restaurants, landscaping, insurance, accounting, legal, family counseling, HVAC, fire protection, industrial contracting, credit card processing, recruiting, real estate, franchising, die casting, family-owned business succession, non-profits, churches, and a host of other clients I haven’t listed, I’ve been aiding and personally been equipped with a variety of coaching and consulting knowledge, experience, and expertise.

No, I’m not the consultant you’ll call in to give you a marketing plan or outline a business strategy with little or no input.  I’m the coach and consultant you’re going to call in to work directly with you and your team to assess the current situation, interject a 3rd party prospective from my vast personal experience, formulate a strategy, and partner with you through the successful implementation of this strategy.

If this sounds like something you’d have interest, please fill out the my contact form and I’ll be in touch shortly.  It never hurts to have a conversation and we anticipate you’ll walk away with some value.

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