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It’s our 25th!!!!

25 years ago today we tied the knot and rode off into the sunset together.  Spending the next week on a Southern Caribbean cruise, we were living the good life and prepared to take on the world together.  For those... Read More »

“don’t take these times for granted!”

As I rounded the corner on to Schooler Dr. I found myself following a big yellow school bus.  For a moment, I became impatient thinking “I wonder how many stops I’m going to have to wait behind”.  Then, the... Read More »

“let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth”

As we sat on the beach under our umbrella and drinking our “Bud Light”, which had become our routine, we somehow began to share our favorite scripture.  The reason I say “somehow” is that scripture and our faith weren’t... Read More »

“What’s God saying?”

“What’s God saying?”  It seems like such an innocent question…doesn’t it? Are you having marriage issues?  “What’s God saying?” Are you having issues with your personal finances and going into debt?  “What’s God saying?” Are you suffering from unimaginable... Read More »

“the real secret is to ‘give up’ on your dreams?”

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to attend TruthAtWork’s annual conference, America’s Best Hope. (#ABH2016) Candidly, having spent a few years on the the conference circuit, I’m at a point where all day conferences aren’t necessarily as inspiring... Read More »

“Chris, you’re overthinking it!”

  In my recent post, “One play can (has) change the game!”, I shared about a game changer that has occurred in my life with my now being General Manager, Farm 360.  Today, I’d like to share a bit of... Read More »

Are you leading through your values?

A foundational component of leadership which most leaders would agree upon is the need to establish core values personally and corporately. That being said, it’s an extremely low percentage of people who truly take the time to best understand... Read More »

“Well Mom, I’ve stopped trying to figure it all out.”

One of the things I enjoy most these days is taking a walk and talking with our Heavenly Father.  There always seems to be some great wisdom imparted in our time together.  This morning was yet another one of... Read More »

“Nearly 80% of what we enjoy is based on our genetic code.”

  When talking with people about their “perfect career” or “life path”, one of the key elements we discuss is the need to understand one’s Genetic Code.  I offer the following from our Life Path/Career Path Assessment summary. “There... Read More »

“I’m not sure we knew what we were signing up for”

24 years ago today, June 13th, 1992, Lisa and I rode off into the sunset following our professing our vows to one another.  Looking back on this day, like many of you I anticipate, I’m not sure we knew... Read More »
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