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Don’t force it!

One of the biggest challenges I’ve personally had in my walk with The Lord is waiting upon Him and not forcing things to happen.  While this is difficult for most Christians, for those with  “Kingly” personalities like myself, its... Read More »

What’s really important?

Viewing my social media feed over the past couple days, one of the things that has caught my attention are people posting their Top 10 Blog Post of 2015.  Periodically, I look back at statistics to see which post... Read More »

Go for the base hit versus swinging for the home run

A few weeks ago, I was reading “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield who tells the story of how she “boldly declared” herself lesbian and shares her journey into Christian faith.  While the book... Read More »

Are you winning at home like you’re winning at work?

Have I mentioned lately that I truly enjoy being a “coach”? Oh, like anyone, I have my challenging days as most clients aren’t calling me in when everything is roses.  A big part of what I do is conflict resolution... Read More »

Would you pray for my Dad?

Thanksgiving was yesterday and I’m thankful to have had my entire family around to celebrate it.  With my Dad now being 78 years old and Mom now being over 49 years old, we don’t take for granted the time... Read More »

“I wept”

This morning, I held my wives hand in prayer and wept.  Many of you know the tragic story of Davey and Amanda Blackburn which has been in the Indianapolis, IN news this week.  Amanda was shot and killed earlier... Read More »

The Journey – The Search for His Plan

This past week, I surpassed another milestone.  October 28th was the 7 year anniversary of “the job lose” and beginning of my 40 day journey.  This morning, I went back and read highlights of this journey and thought I’d... Read More »

“Raining On The Inside”

Well, we’ve transitioned to the new condo this week.  Must say, our bodies are sore and worn out; however, we’re really happy with our new location.  Hopefully, within the next week, we’ll have all the pictures hung on the... Read More »

“magnificent performance yet to come!”

   Last week, I began a new experience in life, Craigslist.  Oh, I’ve used it to list a couple bigger ticket items in the past (eg. boat, exercise equipment, etc); however, this time I listed several items as we’re... Read More »

They’re different and that’s OK!

This morning, I had the pleasure to once again hear Dr. Tim Elmore speak on leading Millennials.  Today’s focus was specifically about leading, given a generational gap in the workplace.  The context of what Dr. Elmore presents applies to... Read More »
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