Biblical Success

Arnold Business Advisors LLC prides itself in aiding businesses and individuals in truly defining what “success” looks like and building strategies to achieve this “success”.

With this being our mission, it’s not uncommon for us to engage in discussions with those sharing our beliefs on how biblical principles apply to “success” in the business.  These generally are some enlightening conversations.

John D. Beckett, chairman of the privately held R. W. Beckett Corporation in North Ridgefield, Ohio, wrote one of the leading books on living out Christian faith in the marketplace, Loving Monday (InterVarsity, 1998). Now Beckett, 68, has written a sequel, Mastering Monday: A Guide to Integrating Faith and Work (InterVarsity, 2006). Senior associate editor Stan Guthrie recently sat down with him.” Click here to read Guthrie and Beckett’s article.

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