Barriers to “moving on”!


Yesterday was my spiritual retreat day. As I woke in the morning, it was cloudy and cold; however, I found myself wanting to make a trip to my favorite spot at the park. While I’ve been visiting this park for some time, coming off my recent blog post “Eagle Power” and the significants of eagles in my life, it was the first time it hit me that the name of the park I tend to spend the most time hearing God’s voice is named “Eagle Creek”. Strange coincidences….right? I don’t think so!

So, the theme for today was “unrepentant sin”. Prior to arriving at the park, I had read an Os Hillman devotional talking how he had recently prayed with a married couple and unveiled to them that they didn’t have a business problem, they had a sin problem. For your benefit, I’ve linked the devotional here.

While some day’s devotionals hit me more than others, today’s seemed to stand out a bit. In fact, I forwarded the devotional along to my wife asking her to pray over it as well. While we both felt we honestly had sought clarity of sin in our lives and repented of this sin in times of the past, I couldn’t understand why this was hitting me so directly.

As I arrived at the park, I attempted to have no agenda for the day. That being said, this whole theme of un repented sin being a barrier to fulfilled what God has for us in life continued to dwell in my heart. As I continue to pray with humility, I started to ask God whether or not this message was not necessarily about us as a couple; however, circumstances we find ourselves surrounded. I won’t get into details in the interest of confidentially, however, let’s just say that there are multiple circumstances that we’re associated that could be spiritually hindered due to un repented sin; specifically, the sin of pride.

As I took off for a walk, I went to an area of the park I hadn’t previously seen. At a point, I came across the creek and the washed out bridge seen in the photo of today’s blog. As I approached this area, I began to reflect of the visual of the path being our path toward God’s agenda for our lives and the washed out bridge being an area of unresolved sin in our life. Thus, it being an area of our life which is not allowing us to move on the next level. As I prayed to The Lord for clarity, I received a text on my phone. This text reminded me of a dream I woke to that morning which initially I had little recollection and understanding. However, once I received the text, reflected back on the dream, and placed it in the context of “barriers”, I felt I knew exactly what God was telling me.

Again, due to confidentially, I won’t share the circumstances, however, I cried out to The Lord in worship and thanksgiving for speaking to me so clearly. I also pleading with him to allow me to interrupt what I’m hearing correctly. As I continued to walk, I sent a text to one of the individuals involved with the potentially unresolved sin. Shortly following, I seem to have been given clarity that this wasn’t a “potential barrier” it was in fact the primary barrier that needed to be addressed in order for circumstances move forward. I am thankful for God’s using me as a vehicle to reveal this and am prayerful that this particular situation will end well.

As you read today’s blog, there are a couple takeaways I hope you are reflecting. First, have you honestly sought The Lord and asked him to reveal areas of un repented sin standing in the way of His next steps for you? If so, what are you hearing and do you need to address? If so, Jesus is the only way and we’d love to help you in turning it over to Him.

Second, are you interacting with The Spirit in ways similar to what I’ve described in today’s blog. Some will say that there is a fine line between “following Jesus” and “insanity”. I anticipate some of my readers may be leaning toward my “insanity”; however, I believe, as Christ-followers, our God is desiring to interact with you in ways I’ve described today. It’s like any relationship, it simple starts by seeking Him and spending quality time listening for His voice. Again, if you’d like help, we’re here to support you.

Have a blessed day!

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