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In a leadership workshop some time back, I was given the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone a bit. Like most, I wrestled with the concept of “Asking for Help” ; especially, when it revolved around money and myself. For the right cause, I had absolutely no problem “asking for help” to include money; however, personalizing it made things extremely difficult.

One of the myths surrounding this topic is “successful people never ask for help as it’s a sign of weakness”. On the contrary, one of the most important traits of great leaders is their vulnerability. Being vulnerable and communicating to others builds trust by letting others know that, while you may not have the answers, you are willing to find them.

In addition, inherent in most individuals is the desire to “help” someone. How will they know, if we never “ask”?

Speaking of “Asking for Help”, Arnold Business Advisors operates primarily on referrals. While we would love to say all of our business is long term, reality is that most clients have an end point. We are winding down several projects and need your “help” in the upcoming months supporting our visions. Please call or pass our information along to anyone whom may be “asking for help” in their business.

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